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Class of 2020 Senior Thesis

Deans Choice 2020: The Best of the Best

Annually, the deans of each school select thesis projects that meet the highest expectations for inclusion on the “Best of the Best” list.

Curtis L. Gerrish School of Business
Taylor LeBel
Business Management Major
Thesis: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

School of Arts & Sciences
Abdourrachid Sow
International Studies Major
Thesis: The Implications of Puerto Rico’s Inclusion in the Federal Food Stamp Program: 1974-1985

Evan Couchot
Biology/Biotechnology Major
Thesis: Screening Marine Microorganisms for Antimicrobial Activity on Vibrio Pathogens 

School of Communication
Hayley McManus
Marketing Communication/Advertising Major
Thesis: Everyday She's Hustling: The Labor Employed to Succeed in an Instafame-Obsessed Society 

Madison Poulin
Marketing Communication/Advertising Major
Thesis: How to capture an audience: TV advertising techniques in the age of digital streaming

School of Education
Samantha Barney
Liberal Studies/Education Major
Thesis: Effects of Flexible Seating on Early Childhood Classrooms

School of Hospitality Management
Eduardo Kreimerman Meyohas 
Hospitality Management Major
Thesis: A Bridge to America’s Future: Boston Area Hospitality Managers’ Familiarity with U.S. Immigration Laws and Visa Classifications

School of Nursing
Brianna Knight
Nursing Major
Thesis: New Graduate Nurse Preparedness to Educate and Care for Patients with Diabetes

School of Sport Science & Fitness Studies
Taylor Downey
Athletic Training Major
Thesis: Athletic Identity and Mental Health Symptomatology in Current Athletes

School of Visual & Performing Arts
Jillian Perrone
Graphic Design Major
Thesis: EMPOWHER: Power to Her, A Feminist Magazine to Inspire Young Women

Van Loan School of Professional Studies
Leigh Truslow Scharfe
Business Management Major
Thesis: Rising Seas and Coastal Flooding: What are the Climate Change Attitudes of a Community at Risk?

Class of 2020 Senior Thesis Projects

Thesis Award winners denoted in bold.
  • School of Arts & Sciences
    Full Name Thesis Title Major
    Linda Adarkwah Opioid Usage And Its Effect On The User, Using While Pregnant, Their Children, And Other Family Members Criminal Justice
    Cameron Addis An Analysis of Law Enforcement High-Speed Pursuit Policies Criminal Justice
    Jeana Alfano Using the Arts With Incarcerated Individuals Criminal Justice
    Naseema Amin The Effects of Authoritarian Parenting Have on Child’s Mental Health Psychology
    Alyssa Ashley Negative Outcomes Associated with the Mental Health Stigma in Law Enforcement Criminal Justice
    Riley Aspinwall Expression Levels of Extracellular Matrix Proteins in Varying Compressive Environments Biology/Biotechnology
    Peyton Atkins Evaluating the Effect of Human Handling Methods on Equine Stress Behaviors Biology/Biotechnology
    Jeremy Barr Chess Royale Computer Science
    Erin Batchelder The Journey to Environmental Sustainability: A Better Understanding of Ecotourism in Costa Rica Liberal Studies
    Kayla Baus Gray Matter of the Cerebellum is Reduced in Association with Chronic Knee Pain Biology/Biotechnology
    Ran Orel Ben David OutFit Computer Science
    Brittney Boudreau The Race to End Racial Oppression: CRT and America’s Racial Achievement Gap History
    Devin Bower Tracking Impact on Student Performance/ Mental Outlook Biology/Biotechnology
    Joseph-Riocard Brown Random Walks and the Stock Market Applied Mathematics
    Shayna Bussey Broken Flames: Part One English
    Audrey Byerley Females and Fantasy Novels English
    Larissa Cade The Effectiveness of the Sex Offender Registry: Offender and Public Perceptions Criminal Justice
    Braden Carter Historic Trends in Acts of Terrorism Criminal Justice
    Caroline Chase A Meta-Genomics Comparison of the Healthy Gut Microbiome Across the World Biology/Biotechnology
    Kathryn Clark Analysis of 3D Printed Materials for the use of Ankle Foot Orthoses Bioengineering
    Tyler Comito Effect of Thyroid Hormone on A-498 Renal Cancer Cells Biology/Biotechnology
    Justine Connelly Literature in Dance: How a Story is Translated into Movement English
    Nicole Conway Literature: Meeting Students' Needs English
    Morgan Copani Perception of the Insanity Defense Psychology
    Evan Couchot Screening Marine Microorganisms for Antimicrobial Activity Directed at
    Vibrio Species
    Margaret Cunningham Identity After Brain Injury and Social Involvement Psychology
    Christopher Daddio Factors in Determining a Successful UN Peacemaking Intervention in International Conflicts Political Science
    Julia DeAngelis The Effectiveness of Opioid Treatment Programs in Correctional Facilities Criminal Justice
    Jacob DeFillipo Creation of S. enterica KHLT2 Type Three Secretion System Deletion Mutants Biology/Biotechnology
    Emma DeGrasse Recent versus Distant Traumatic Events: Does it Impact the Length and Effectiveness of EMDR Treatment in Adults Who Suffer from Trauma? Psychology
    Meaghan DelGenio What Color Do You Hear? Exploring the Relationship between Color, Emotion, and Dance Liberal Studies
    Rishad DeSilva Brine Shrimp as Model Organism in a Toxicity Assessment of the Pathogen, Vibrio Fischeri Environmental Science
    Justin DiAntonio Ginger Judge Boat Project 2.0 Bioengineering
    Nicholas DiCairano Clearance Rates in the Criminal Justice System Criminal Justice
    Patrick Doody Understanding Youth Gang Involvement: Why Gangs Appeal to the Youth Criminal Justice
    Lee Drinkwater Examining the Relationship Between Mental Illness and Crime
    Criminal Justice
    Meghan Dutchyshyn How Vital Capacity Varies Between Athletes, Wind Musicians, and Untrained Individuals Biology/Biotechnology
    Jackson Eberts Transit Fares and Equity: MBTA and Administrative Decision Impacts Political Science
    Morgan Faiola-Williams Quantifying Nicotine Dependence in Never-Smoker E-cigarette Users Biology/Biotechnology
    Cristina Fiol The Marginalization of Female Latin American Artists from Museums and Galleries Liberal Studies
    Alexandra Fitzgerald Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Comparison to Western Convention Medicine in Pediatric Oncology Patients Through a Meta Analysis Biology/Biotechnology
    Hakim Fleming Positive Youth Development Through Sports: Benefits and Perception Liberal Studies
    Mercede Frias How Sleep Affects Schizophrenia Psychology
    Brianna Gallagher Linoleic Acid on the Skin’s Permeable Barrier Biology/Biotechnology
    Ryan Gallagher Tower Defense Computer Science
    Alex Gardner Gender Bias in Democratic, Congressional Campaigns Political Science
    Jonathan Gelfand Ginger Judge Boat Project 2.0 Bioengineering
    Jillian Gibbs Creating Successful Reentry and Supportive Programs for Ex-Offenders: A Program Evaluation Psychology
    Kylie Greenleaf The Role of Empathy in the Development of Burnout and Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder in Human Service Professionals Psychology
    Jennifer Grimes Beneath the Surface English
    Alexander Groenewold Stay Active Computer Science
    Andrea Guinan The Impact of Filtered Social Media Photos on Attitudes Towards Body Image and Self-Esteem Psychology
    Megan Guiry How Increasing Ocean Temperatures Affect Mytilus edulis Attachment During Low Tide Environmental Science
    Lindsey Hartnett How Perceptions of Safety Affect Mega Event Security Criminal Justice
    Madeline Hefferan Perceptions of Body Image Psychology
    Kara Hersey The Relationship Between Birth Order, Sibling Satisfaction, and Empathy Development Psychology
    Stephen Hoadley Endicott Parking App Computer Science
    Madison Huber Impact of Temperature and Humidity on Bronchoconstriction in Exercise-Induced Asthmatics and Non-Asthmatics Biology/Biotechnology
    Claudia Jenkins The Effects of Stress and Anxiety on Teachers Professional Career Psychology
    Minwei Jiang The US-China Trade War International Studies
    Mackenzie Judd Lagrange Interpolation, Weierstrass Approximation, and a Theorem of Bernstein Applied Mathematics
    Emma Jutras Phylogenetic Analysis of Helicobacter Pylori in Gastric Disease Around
    the World
    James Kelly
    Seaman's Savior: Shipboard Medical Manuals and Medicine Chests in the Age of Sail
    History Major
    Timothy Kelly Characteristics of Drug Treatment Programs Criminal Justice
    Kayla Kenehan The Determinants of Bail Reform in Democratic States Political Science
    Brian Knell Community Perceptions of Police Body-Worn Cameras Criminal Justice
    Emily Laliberte Humanizing Education: Examining Chronic Absenteeism Through Student Disengagement English
    Ryan Lavery Perceived Social Support and Parent Attachment on Loneliness in First-Year Undergraduates Psychology
    Tayler Laycox A Pre-Glycation Reaction using Ribose Weakens the Mechanical Properties of gelMA Hydrogels Biology/Biotechnology
    Tor Leek Impact of Meditation and Music on Heart Rate Biology/Biotechnology
    Rebecca Leverone Personality, Career Choice, and Career Satisfaction Psychology
    Bianca Lopez Climate Change and Criminal Behavior Criminal Justice
    Kathryn Lord North Korean Regime Survival: Ideology and Allies Political Science
    Zachary Lowe Police Training on Intellectual Disabilities Criminal Justice
    Taylor MacKenzie The Gender Gap in STEM and the Power of Role Model Exposure Programs for Middle School Girls Mathematics
    Grayson Maddux Exploring the Economic and Societal Benefits of Legalizing Cannabis Criminal Justice
    Shannon Marschall Stigma and Knowledge about Alcohol Addiction Psychology
    Olivia Martin Spinner Lolita: The Progression and Variation in her Character Through Various Adaptations English
    Katherine Massey Identifying the Most Effective Characteristics of Drug Court Programs Criminal Justice
    Emma McDowell Ginger Judge Boat Project 2.0 Bioengineering
    Sierra McLear An Analysis of The Commonalities Between Public Mass Shootings using Threat and Risk Assessments Psychology
    Robert McNinch Media Bias and Its Effects on Party Politics Political Science
    Joseph Moss Journey Tracker Computer Science
    Christie Mustone 2PiSense Computer Science
    Kaitlyn Nadeau Ginger Judge Boat Project 2.0 Bioengineering
    Sarah Nickerson The Media’s Effect on Impartial Trial Criminal Justice
    Marina O'Neill Internationalization of Higher Education Through Study Abroad; Creating Globally Competent Individuals Psychology
    Patricia Ortiz-Echague Clinical Practices to Treating Borderline Personality Disorder in Adolescents Psychology
    Tyler Ouellette Waffle Simulator Computer Science
    Laura Owens The Female Creatures: A Mother and Daughter's Journey for Discovery, Recognition, and Freedom English
    Andrew Panagiotakos The Effects of Climate Change on National Security Criminal Justice
    Bethany Parisi The Effectiveness of Batterer Intervention Programs Criminal Justice
    Tyler Pelovitz Determining the Effectiveness of Oral Rinses Against Bacteria in the Oral Microbiome Biology/Biotechnology
    Julia Pennington Analyzing the Diagnostic Performance of a Urine Cancer Cell Filtration Device as an Alternative Approach to Cystoscopy in Urinary Bladder Cancer Detection Biology/Biotechnology
    Madeline Powers The Invisible Influencer: Cryptocurrency's Impact on FCC Internet Regulations Political Science
    Mikayla Powers Perceived Credibility of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Psychology
    Charlene Preys Canary Natural Language Processing Applied to Biobank Participants with Informative Genetic Testing for Steven-Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Biology/Biotechnology
    Jenna Raffael Influence of Sperm Morphology and Concentration on In Vitro Fertilization Rates in Mice Biology/Biotechnology
    Emily Redlon Long Term Health Effects of Eating Disorders The Effects of Eating Disorders in the Long Term on the Body Psychology
    Kyle Reed Blocked Scheduling vs. Traditional Scheduling in High and Middle Schools History
    Camilla Risicato The Unexpected Consequences of Patient Diagnosis: Safety Within the United States Emergency Medical System Biology/Biotechnology
    David Rodriguez Does Police Officer Education Level Have an Effect on Levels of Force? Criminal Justice
    Joshua Romano "Keep Your Hands Off the Lever:" The Attitudes of Homosexuality from F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby through Tender Is the Night English
    Rebecca Rose Happy Employees: How Responding to the Wants of Employees Increases the Productivity and Revenue of the Company History
    Brandon Rosenbaum Sports and Activities: How They Better Prepare you for Life Beyond High School Liberal Studies
    Alaa Salih A Cost Effective and Simple in Vivio Anti-copopod Screening Model Using Artemia Environmental Science
    Julie Sanders Investigating the Effect of Depression on Regional Gray Matter Volume Changes Associated with Chronic Back Pain Biology/Biotechnology
    Briana Savage The Impacts of Handheld Devices on Young and Older Adults Psychology
    Kathryn Scharn Charitable Giving and Eating Disorders: Weight, Empathy, and Perception Psychology
    Ian Schmidt How Different Wound Care Agents Affect Biofilm Production by Wound Associated Bacteria Biology/Biotechnology
    Melissa Schwope The Effects of a Contingency Management System on Teens with Comorbid Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders Psychology
    Christopher Seidl WeDJ Computer Science
    Jesse Simoni After-effects of Terrorist Attacks Criminal Justice
    Andrew Soucy Queued Computer Science
    Abdourrachid Sow The Implications of Puerto Rico’s Inclusion in the Federal Food Stamp Program: 1974-1985 International Studies
    Eric Spada How Air Temperature at Low Tide Influences the Feeding Rates of Mytilus edulis Environmental Science
    Timothy Spinale Anxiety and the Effects of Stress on Law Enforcement Criminal Justice
    Cooper St. Germain A Linear Algebraic Approach to Linear Regression Applied Mathematics
    Elizabeth Stearns Humor Styles and Personality Traits as a Therapeutic Coping Mechanism Liberal Studies
    Lauren Stearns Resiliency Among College Students in Trait vs. State Anxiety and the Correlation to Effective Coping Mechanisms Psychology
    Ingsa Subba An Analysis of the Ancient Mystics of the Himalayas and Renaissance Liberal Studies
    Steven Suchcicki Endicott Eats Computer Science
    Michael Sudora Police Officer Perceptions of Community Policing Criminal Justice
    Dalton Therrien PupPals Computer Science
    Savannah Thomas The Emerging Strategies of Project-Based Learning in Secondary Mathematics Classrooms Mathematics
    Louis Unger Relationships Between the Police and the LGBT Community: Issues and Potential Solutions Criminal Justice
    Marie Urmson GreenTrackr Computer Science
    Michael Varno Social Change, Music, and the Collective Experience Liberal Studies
    Catelyn Venegoni-Ranger College Campuses’ and Student’s Binge Drinking: Taking a closer look at the possible correlation between Alcohol-Related Content on Social Networking Sites and Student’s Binge Drinking Psychology
    Meredith Vlachos Perceived Athletic Identity and Mental Health Following College Athletics Psychology
    Victoria Walder The Role of Social Emotional Learning in Secondary Education History
    Kayla Wentworth Impact of Concussions on Social Functioning Psychology
    Patrick Whalen Why has the United States Nuclear Power Industry Faltered? Political Science
    Mae Yenter Pythagorean Triples and Fermat's Last Theorem Applied Mathematics
  • Gerrish School of Business
    Full Name  Thesis Title Major
    Chase Andrews How Small Businesses can use Psychology and Neuromarketing Tactics to Boost Sales Marketing
    Jack Bacon How Student-Athletes Should be Compensated by the NCAA Marketing
    George Balian Impact of Sports Betting on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Business Management
    Elijah Bard Athletes and Plant Based Diets Business Management
    Ryan Barnes Blockchain, Data Analytics & Disruption of the Accounting Services Industry Accounting
    Sean Bedard Digital Innovation and Technology in the Banking Industry Business Management
    Troy Belleville Managers Can Implement Strategies to Meet Millennials’ Needs Finance
    Mary Bonefant The Use of Video to Enhance Donor Activity in Non-Profits Marketing
    Briana Bouchard What Makes A Successful Internship Experience Business Management
    Tyler Boyle The Aftermath of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 Following the American Psychological Association's Guidelines Accounting
    Victor Brown Should NCAA Division III Athletes Receive Reward-Based Scholarships Business Management
    Michael Bruns The Effect of the Organizational Workplace Environment on Employee Mental Health and, by Extension, Productivity Entrepreneurship
    Emily Burke Women in Leadership and the Challenges They Overcame Marketing
    James Campbell Marketing in the Construction Management Industry Marketing
    Molly Carrara Brick and Mortar: Staying Relevant Marketing
    Mathew Catizone Corporate Social Responsibility and Investing Finance
    Charles Cawley Passive vs Active Investing and the Impact on Market Volatility Finance
    William Clark Brand Storytelling In The Cluttered Digital Marketplace Marketing
    Benjamin Clark The Effects of Flexible Scheduling and Remote Employment on Commitment and Productivity Marketing
    Christopher Cloutman Vocational Education Importance to Teens/Young Adults Entering the Workforce Business Management
    Madeline Connelly The Foreign Exchange Market Accounting
    Nicholas Connor Increasing Workplace Performance by Improving Employee Nutrition. Entrepreneurship
    Angela Daley Does Socioeconomic Status Affect Overall Health and Well-Being Business Management
    Gabriella Decologero The Powerful Influence of Music on Consumer Behavior Marketing
    Sean DelPlato How Artificial Intelligence will Impact the future of Investment Management Finance
    Thomas Dempsey General Electric Corporation Accounting
    Joseph Deutsch AI and Its Impact on Health Care Marketing
    Donovan Dey Implementing Strategies to Ensure Brand Loyalty Marketing
    David DiMare Technology in Accounting Accounting
    Alexandra Dippel Women Executives and Overcoming Organizational Biases International Business
    Hayley Disko Equality Among Advertisements Marketing
    Lucy Eiseman Technology in Accounting Accounting
    Omar Elhirach Microapartments: One Solution to the Affordable Housing Shortage and an Investment Opportunity Business Management
    Lainey Erwin Omnichannel Retailing Marketing
    Shane Fallon Actively and Passively Managed Funds Business Management
    Paul Farrell How Will the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Affect Society Business Management
    Bailey Faulkingham Social Influencers and Their Impact on the Travel Industry: A Case Study International Business
    Christina Ferguson Fintech and the Banking Industry Finance
    Alexander Ferrigno Employee Retention: Keeping Employees Committed & Productive Business Management
    Timothy Fieseler Autonomous Vehicles and the Impact on the Insurance industry Business Management
    Jared Foster The Role of Amenities in Commercial Real Estate Business Management
    Kathryn Frasier Technology and Generation Z in the Retail Industry Marketing
    Jacob Gammelgaard Brand Personality and the Impact on Millennial Consumer Behavior Business Management
    Harrison Glaude Tiny Houses and Down-sized Living? A solution to Making Home Ownership Affordable Business Management
    Michael Gleason Generational Obstacles to Finance Finance
    Alvaro Gonzalez Queipo What Are the Most Important Elements to Ensure a Positive Performance of the Strategic Alliance and Prevent Alliance Risks in the Insurance Industry Business Management
    Nicholas Grace Branded Content Marketing: Storytelling vs. Traditional Advertising Marketing
    Emily Graham International Tax Reform From the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Accounting
    John Graziano What Are the Critical Internship Experiences that Leads to Employment? Business Management
    Austin Hanlon How Companies Lower Turnover Rates Business Management
    Madison Harris The Varying Perceptions of Broadcast Television Reporters Marketing
    Jason Hurkmans Increased Tariffs on US Imports from China: Effect of Domestic Consumerism Marketing
    Lauren Jacques Global Mobility Services: The Future of Tax Accounting in the United States Accounting
    Kyra Johansson Puppy Mills - A Reason to Amend the Animal Welfare Act. International Business
    Brendan Johnson Marketability of Real Estate Business Management
    Victoria Johnson Would Society Agree the Current Work Styles Improve Family Life Business Management
    Robert Kelty What’s Behind the Rise of College Tuition? Business Management
    Matthew Kenney The Impact of Recognition and Empowerment on Employee Engagement Marketing
    Michael Kernan Artificial Intelligence's Impact on Modern Automobiles Business Management
    Julianna King The Internship Experience and the Impact on Career Readiness Marketing
    Evan Knox Consumption Trends for E-Cigarettes & Vaping Products in Modern Society Business Management
    Sammy Korc How Has Email Marketing Changed the Way Martial Arts Schools and Institutions Carry Themselves. Finance
    Francis Ladner CRM Software Implementation in Small Business Business Management
    Robert Lamprey Mergers and Acquisitions: Pitfalls and a Model for Success Finance
    Maya LaPierre The Influencer and Social Media Marketing Marketing
    Andrew Lavine Compensation Versus Value: Is the NCAA Properly Compensating Collegiate Athletes? Finance
    Taylor LeBel The Impact of AI on the Workplace Business Management
    Araya Lessard Lifetime Perception of Brands Marketing
    Richard Lisk Utilizing S&P 500 Volatility as an Investment Portfolio Hedge Finance
    Ronald LoRicco Millennials and Entrepreneurship: Is it Time for a Change? Entrepreneurship
    Thomas Lorusso Construction Company Owners Can Help Decrease Work Site Accidents Business Management
    Nicholas Maiorisi The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, A University Perspective Accounting
    Alexander Mandrus State of Political Contributions Business Management
    Frederick Marinelli Social Media Marketing - Creating a Meaningful Connection with Consumers. Business Management
    Jesse Martinez Religion and Business - The Influence of Bringing Spirituality Into the Workplace. Business Management
    Olivia Matthews What are the Limitations Women Face in Business Preventing Them from Success? Marketing
    Richard McCallum What Strategies can be Implemented to Retain Customers in the Telecommunications Industry? Business Management
    Justin McCormick Using Social Media Effectively: Three Case Studies Marketing
    Brendan McDonald Corporate Social Responsibility as a Recruitment Strategy Business Management
    John McGuire Exploring factors of Employee Retention Business Management
    Amelia McQuade Understanding Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation for Non-profit Organizations Success Business Management
    Jade Meier The Impact of Gender on The Financial Services Industry Finance
    Julia Monaco Consumers' Fashion Values: Sustainable vs. Fast Fashion International Business
    Craig Mulligan What is The Current Status of the Brick and Mortar Movie Industry Business Management
    Christopher Napolitano What Issues Does the Alcohol Industry Face Around Marketing Business Management
    Jacob Nason Advancements and Application of AIand Automationin the Automotive Industry of America Business Management
    Ryan Nelson The Positive Effect of Advertising Slogans Business Management
    Christopher Noonan Impact of Tariffs on the Economy Business Management
    Ryan Nordquist Characteristics That Drive Business Model Innovation Marketing
    Christina O'Brien Impact of Celebrity Endorsements on The Sportswear Industry Entrepreneurship
    Kathleen O'Connor Gender Inequality in the Workplace Accounting
    Liam O'Shea The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Sales Analytics Business Management
    Joseph Oriola Successfully Marketing Events to Please Attendees Marketing
    Rachel Paul Does Social Media Have An Impact on The Psyche Business Management
    Keeley Pavlik Employee Attitude Toward Employee Engagement Marketing
    Kathryn Peter Key Performance Indicator Success Finance
    Dillon Pollio businesses can benefit from balancing operational effectiveness and business strategy Entrepreneurship
    Laura Pomeroy Fraud in Accounting Accounting
    Halle Portman Corporate Social Responsibility with Missing and Most Wanted Persons In Store vs Social Media Marketing
    Sarah Reed Remaining Competitive: Techniques and Methods of Increasing Employee Retention and Engagement in Nonprofit Organizations Marketing
    Chad Riorden Pricing Can be Used Effectively to Increase Profits in Retail Business Finance
    Joseph Risser Organizational Sustainability and Generation Z Impacts. Business Management
    Mikaela Rogers What are the Factors that Lead to Positive Brand Perception from a Sports Celebrity Endorsement? Marketing
    Jacob Rudolph Communication Issues on a Construction Site Business Management
    Julie Shea Brexit: More Troubles on the Irish Backstop Accounting
    Olivia Sheldon Ireland's Corporate Tax Rate Accounting
    Claire Shields Employee Connection In Virtual Communities Marketing
    Shane Sinopoli How Appearance and Personality Affect Workplace Success Marketing
    Matthew Smith Veterans in the Workplace Finance
    Brett Sooy Social Media and the AEC Industry. Business Management
    Joshua Sousa Cause Marketing Effectiveness on Buying Decisions Marketing
    Jacob Spinhirn Inducing Companies to Adopt Blockchain Entrepreneurship
    Victoria Stefanelli Consumer Purchasing: Ethics & Motivations Marketing
    Stephen Strangio Kaizen & The Work Environment Business Management
    Nicholas Sturgess Outsourcing Software Development to India: Pros and Cons International Business
    Bria Sutton Premium Food: The influence behind purchasing organic food Marketing
    Julia Sweeney Collecting Data for Market Research to Protect Data Privacy and Maintain Consumer Trust Marketing
    Javier Tamames Hergueta Will People Continue Buying Tesla Cars Knowing That Their Batteries Will Die Out in The Future? Business Management
    Justin Toler Succession Planning in a Family Business Business Management
    Karina Tomlinson The Impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Individuals and Corporations Accounting
    Cameron Tulley Increasing Employee Engagement as a Manager Business Management
    Joshua Turkowski Strategies to Ensure Essential, Substantive, and Effective Meetings Finance
    Kenneth Tuttle Pursuit of Harmonious Passion at Work Business Management
    Sonam Ugay Embracing Cultural Diversity In The Workplace Business Management
    Alexander Ussler Gun Rights vs. Gun Control: Managing a Nationwide Epidemic International Business
    Camden Vaillancourt The Impact of Blockchain on Audit and Assurance Services Accounting
    Alvaro Valverde Educational Factors That Support Global Market Success Business Management
    Slade Vincent Businesses Can Construct Sustainable Supply Chains to Meet Consumer Needs Marketing
    Claire Warren The Challenge of Fashion Sustainability and How Consumer Knowledge Is The Ultimate Source to Change International Business
    Hailey Webb What are the Actionable Factors in Workplace Flexibility? Business Management
    Abigail Welch What Socio-economic Impact Can Be Expected to Come from Artificial Intelligence Marketing
    John Williams Millennials and Gen Z Can Work Effectively with Managers to Contribute to the Company's Success Business Management
    Jordan Wilson The Gender Gap In Leadership Marketing
    James Winkler The Success of Microfinance in Developed Countries Finance
    Joseph Young Management Consultants Can Increase Client Retention and Obtain New Clients Finance
    Andrew Zink Automation in the Workplace: The Analysis of Future Job Loss Finance
  • School of Communication
    Full Name Thesis Title Major
    Eleanor Barkett The Making Of The Making Of Digital Media
    Morgan Blaney Social Media, Influencers, and Young People Marketing Communication
    Julia Bostridge Understanding Every Angle: Online Behavioral Advertising Marketing Communication
    Kasea Buckner Consideration of Gender Roles in Parents' Selection of Animated Films Communication
    Lindsey Bussone Marketing Fitness on Instagram: How Social Comparison affects Purchase Intentions. Communication
    Matthew Castellani The Influence of Social Media on the Black Lives Matter Movement Communication
    Dylan Costa Fantasy Football and Baseball, Television Viewership and the Fan Experience Communication
    Tacy Cresson Resurrecting Green Burials: Rising coronavirus death tolls have disrupted the death industry, making it ripe for greener practices Digital Media
    Allison Crowley Thoughts and prayers: An Analysis of the Automatic Response to Tragedy on Social Media Marketing Communication
    Spencer Damphousse The Evolution of Television: Streaming Services Impact on the Entertainment Medium Communication
    Lisamarie Demerjian Great Danes: Unconventional Service Dogs Digital Media
    Rachel Galante Celebrities' Impact on Depression Awareness Through Social Media Communication
    Matthew Gazard Portrayals of the Military in Contemporary War Films Communication
    Alexa Giarusso Novice Journalists' Professional Self-Branding on Twitter and LinkedIn Communication
    Mya Girouard Reel Crime Digital Media
    Julienne Hughes Black Character Representation in Law & Order: SVU from Season 1 through Season 20 Communication
    Riley Jenson Consumer Perceptions of International Fashion Brand Advertising Mrktng Comm/Advertising
    Samuel Kuhnly I Spy With My Little Eye: Building Consumer Relationships Through Televised Sports Sponsorship Marketing Communication
    Victoria LeBlanc Laugh out loud: An Analysis of Humor as a Social Media Marketing Strategy Marketing Communication
    Katherine Longworth How Celebrities Impact Public Health Social Media Posts: Evaluation & Outreach Marketing Communication
    Megan MacBride Discussions about Climate Change on Twitter Marketing Communication
    Alison McInnis Cheers to the Streets Digital Media
    Hayley McManus Everyday She's Hustling: The Labor Employed to Succeed in an Instafame-Obsessed Society Marketing Communication
    Casey Monahan Consumer Sustainability Motives and Green Marketing Appeal Marketing Communication
    Whitley Neumeister Understanding Instagram Hotspots & Followers' FOMO in the Context of Cult Branding Marketing Communication
    Alexandra O'Brien Picture Perfect: Lifestyle Presentations Through Instagram Posts Marketing Communication
    Theodore Perotti The Art of Work Digital Media
    Madison Poulin How to Capture an Audience: TV Advertising Techniques in the Age of Digital Streaming Marketing Communication
    Meghan Price Marketing CSR Efforts: An Analysis of Advertising Socially Responsible Business Practices Marketing Communication
    Matthew Rinkus Representation of Females in Video Games Marketing Communication
    Sarah Stockbridge Social media, women and self- perception Communication
    Tristan Torrents Dove La Vita Ti Porta Digital Media
    Konner Watson Blue, No Matter Who Digital Media
    Taylor Wildrick Selling Style: Instagram Influencers and Luxury Fashion Marketing Communication
    Brooke Wilson Previously On...: An Analysis of Social Television Engagement with Reality TV Shows Marketing Communication
  • School of Education
    Full Name Thesis Title Major 
    Robert Ackerman Male Educators in Elementary School Libl Studies/Education
    Gabrielle Aleksa Females Perception Of Self Worth in Relation to Maturity Libl Studies/Education
    Rosalie Antolini The Impact the Implementation a Creative Dance Class Can Have on Preschool Students' Cooperative Play Skills Libl Studies/Education
    Samantha Barney Effects of Flexible Seating In Early Childhood Classrooms Libl Studies/Education
    Calista Burgos Flipping the Classroom Libl Studies/Education
    Olivia Burrick The Implementation of Yoga in the Elementary School Classroom Libl Studies/Education
    Taylor Burtis Mental Illness Consciousness in Building a Positive Classroom Environment Libl Studies/Education
    Julie Champigny Having a Parent That Teaches in One’s School and Teaching in a School That One’s Child Attends Libl Studies/Education
    Brittany Corson Adjustments to Inclusive Classrooms and Practices to Meet the Individual Needs of All Students Libl Studies/Education
    Sarah Couture The Impact of Social Emotional Learning and Kinesthetic Learning in Overall Student Wellness Libl Studies/Education
    Emily Crouse The Impact of an Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis on Siblings Libl Studies/Education
    Erica D'Alberto The Safety and Protection Possibilities Through Childhood; Vaccinations in the United States: A Phenomenological Study of the Perspectives on Childhood Vaccinations in Maine Libl Studies/Education
    Emily Dellisola Impact of Field Trips on Motivation, Success and Achievement Libl Studies/Education
    Sofia Devlin The Positive Impact of the Implementation of Movement Breaks in an Elementary Classroom Libl Studies/Education
    Madeline Doble Impact of Home Life on Academic Achievement of Students Libl Studies/Education
    Kristine Folsom Factors Influencing Gender-typed Play in Children Ages 1-5 Libl Studies/Education
    Lauren Gorse The Effects of Stuttering on Student Performance on Oral Reading Fluency Assessments Libl Studies/Education
    Liza Hall An Investigation of the Impact of Outdoor Education with Elementary Children Libl Studies/Education
    Michaela Hamill The Impact of Increasing and Developing Speech Patterns Through Various Strategies of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Libl Studies/Education
    Kathryn Harrison Student Motivation and Engagement Libl Studies/Education
    Emily Hartmann Implementing Drama Based Pedagogy to Build Classroom Community in a Curriculum Driven Climate Libl Studies/Education
    Ingrid Hjerpe Teachers' Perceptions of Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom: Impact on Student's Well-being and School Culture Libl Studies/Education
    Daria Howard The Impact of After School Physical Activity on Social-Emotional Learning Libl Studies/Education
    Lauren Ingoldsby The Impacts Growth Mindset in the Elementary Classroom Libl Studies/Education
    Kerrie Janvrin The Gap Between Teacher Centered Versus Student Centered Learning Environments Libl Studies/Education
    Joseph Kalosky The Impacts of Second Chance Programs for Students From Low Socioeconomic Environments Libl Studies/Education
    Matthew Kaski Impacting Multiple Perspectives Relative to Inclusion for Individuals with Autism Libl Studies/Education
    Jennifer Lacroix Mental Health in Elementary Schools Libl Studies/Education
    Rachel Laroche An Investigation of the Positive Effects of Mindfulness Practices and Interventions with Students in the Classroom Libl Studies/Education
    Jennifer Levine
    How can a FLES (Foreign Language in Elementary Schools) Program be Integrated into the Generic Classroom Setting?
    Liberal Studies
    Victoria Lombardo The Development of Social and Academic Performance in Elementary Grades Through the Approach of Play Strategies Libl Studies/Education
    Carolyn Mabardy The Effects of Movement Breaks on Engagement and Academics in the Classroom Libl Studies/Education
    Anna Makris The Impact of Homelife Traumas in Education Libl Studies/Education
    Elizabeth Masucci The Effect of Parental Involvement on Student Achievement Libl Studies/Education
    Cassandra Maynard Sense of Belonging, Language Development, and Learning Development of Deaf or Hard of Hearing Students Libl Studies/Education
    Kristen McCarthy An Analysis of Technology’s Effects on the K-12 Students and Teachers Libl Studies/Education
    Hannah McDonald Teachers' Perspectives on Homework and the Effect of Homework and After-School Activities on the Whole Student Libl Studies/Education
    Kelsey McPhee The Impact of Therapy Dogs on Students in the Classroom Libl Studies/Education
    Olivia Moores The Prevalence of the LGBTQ Community in Elementary Schools Libl Studies/Education
    Allison Mulvey Teacher Perception of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and Mindfulness Practices in Elementary Education Libl Studies/Education
    Katelyn O'Donnell Live, Reflect, Repeat Libl Studies/Education
    Nicole O'Rourke Student Perspectives on Relationships and Physical Spaces in After School Programs Libl Studies/Education
    Margaux Oram The Impact of Edible Reinforcers on Health for Children with Autism Libl Studies/Education
    Kylie Orszulak "You've Got a Friend in Me:" Friendship for Elementary Students with Disabilities Libl Studies/Education
    Emily Pace Fostering a Love of Reading and Motivating Students to Read Inside and Outside the Classroom Libl Studies/Education
    Carlos Pastor The Influence of Service Learning on Student Engagement and Academic Success Libl Studies/Education
    Mary Pfeifle The Integration of Theater in Elementary Schools Libl Studies/Education
    Alison Renaud The Implementation of Yoga Interventions in Early Childhood Classrooms Libl Studies/Education
    Laura Ritson The Current and Future Academic and Social Emotional Implications of Single-Sex Education Libl Studies/Education
    Shelby Roussel How Nonverbal Individuals Achieve Their Right to Freedom of Speech Through the Use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Libl Studies/Education
    Meg Sandblom Assistive Technology to Enhance Student Achievement Libl Studies/Education
    Jillian Savoie Poverty and Growth Mindset in Elementary Education Libl Studies/Education
    Rachel Scribner How Transition Programs Support a High School Student Emotionally and Academically Post Mental Health Hospitalization Libl Studies/Education
    Isabella Sears Supporting Students with Anxiety in the Classroom Libl Studies/Education
    Isabel Smith Teacher Awareness of Dyscalculia and other Math Disabilities Libl Studies/Education
    Madison Ventresca The Benefits of Art Practices in an Elementary School Libl Studies/Education
    Morgan Whelan Teacher Perception of the Dyslexia Profile Libl Studies/Education
    Megan Whitten The Importance of Growth Mindset in Elementary Classrooms Libl Studies/Education
    Cayce Wiggins Benefits of Audiobooks in Early Childhood and Elementary Classrooms Libl Studies/Education
    Hannah Wilson Family Life with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Libl Studies/Education
  • School of Hospitality Management
    Full Name Thesis Title Major
    Sabrina Blake A Restaurant's Ambiance and Its Effect On A Guest's Overall Customer Satisfaction Hospitality Management
    Alexei Bowman Social Media Marketing: Benefit and Target Audience Study for Above & Beyond Catering, Inc. Hospitality Management
    Jamie Budge Examining the Impacts of Fast Food Marketing Hospitality Management
    Nicholas Cameron Perceptions of Guests to Sustainable Practices in the Hotel Industry. Hospitality Management
    Andrew Campbell The Effect of Climate Change on The Ski Industry Hospitality Management
    Erica Corso Translating Sustainability into Profit into Hotels Hotel Management
    Nadia DeStefano Vaping Effects in Hospitality
    Hospitality Management
    Tricia Diaz Unionized Labor's Impact on Management in the Hospitality Industry Hospitality Management
    Julia DiCecco Online Reviews: How it Effects a Customers Perception of a Hotel Hospitality Management
    Isabella DiCesare Service Industry: Employee Customer satisfaction & Impact of Uniforms Hospitality Management
    Jonathan Evequoz The Factors Affecting Michelin Star Restaurants Hospitality Management
    Mana Fujita Guest Satisfaction in the Hostel Industry Hospitality Management
    Amanda Gray Hospitality Technologies: Is Technology Beneficial to the Hospitality Industry? Hospitality Management
    Kendra Johnson Effects of Aesthetics in the Hospitality Industry Hotel Management
    Eduardo Kreimerman Meyohas A Bridge to America’s Future: Boston Area Hospitality Managers’ Familiarity with U.S. Immigration Laws and Visa Classifications Hospitality Management
    Genna Landy Environmentally Sustainable Hotels: How Does This Impact the Consumer? Hospitality Management
    Mary Laurila Examining What Creates Value for Guests at Theme Parks Hospitality Management
    Alora Mann The Psychological Ownership Experienced by Restaurant Employees Hospitality Management
    Thomas Mathes Employee Turnover in the Restaurant Industry: Causes, Effects, and Solutions Hospitality Management
    Lee McCarthy Sustainable Practices in Restaurants: Consumers Position on Local Sourcing Hospitality Management
    Julia McIntyre Electronic Word of Mouth: An Examination of eWOM's Impact on Consumer Hotel Perceptions Hospitality Management
    Katherine Patten Working Mothers in the Hospitality Industry: The Perceptions of Organizational Support and its Impact on Work-Life Balance Hospitality Management
    Michaela Perkins The Perception of Ecotourism in Hawaii Hospitality Management
    Hannah Pesci "Baby Come Back to Me: How Sensory Detail Incorporation Drives the Millennial Generation to Return to Music Festivals." Hospitality Management
    Sydney Riu Sport Tourism: Does Fantasy Football Compliment or Compete Against the National Football League? Hospitality Management
    Emily Roach It's Never Too Late To Feel Great: A Closer Look at the Benefits of Exercise Enhancing Stress Management Within the Hospitality Industry Hospitality Management
    Zoe Rowland-Simpson Social Media Marketing: Trustworthiness and the Impact on Solo Tourism Motivations Hospitality Management
    Frederick Sample Cruise Lines; How they are shaping destinations through passenger experiences. Hospitality Management
    Abigail Silvia For the Love of Food: A Look into the Cultural Elements that Create a Memorable Gastro Experience Hospitality Management
    Grace Spinney Hotels and High Turnover Rates: Diving Deeper into Misconceptions of Unethical Management and its Effect on Employee Job Satisfaction Hotel Management
    Olivia Weekes Wine Tourism: Understanding What Motivates Tourists in Australia and Other Emerging Destinations Hospitality Management
    Gillian Woodman Hospitality Education: Examining How Prepared Students are When Entering the Industry Hospitality Management
  • School of Nursing
    Full Name Thesis Title Major
    Angela Almquist Effect of Moral Distress on the Experience of Float Pool Nurses Nursing
    Samantha Amico Do Student Nurses Who Held a CNA Position Before Becoming an RN Feel More Nursing
    Nicole Anselmo The effects of nurses’ therapeutic touch on oncology patient symptoms Nursing
    Anabelle Apa Nurse Preparedness to Care for Older Adult Patients- Nursing
    Jordan Bergeron The Lived Experience of School Nurses Dealing with Maltreatment Nursing
    Martha Boltromiejuk Assessment and Management of Pediatric Postoperative Pain- Nursing
    Lauren Borum Human Papilloma Virus Vaccination Uptake Among Adolescents Nursing
    Rebekah Brannen Burnout in Newly Licensed Registered Nurses Nursing
    Alyssa Cabral Clinical Workplace Learning Culture Nursing
    Brianna Carmona Impact of Technology on Patient Education Nursing
    Amanda Carroll The Impact of Hand Washing on Hospital-Acquired Infections Nursing
    Kylie Cassidy The Lived Experience of NICU Nurses Caring for Opioid Addicted Newborns Nursing
    Madeleine Cheney Nursing Adaptation to Technology in Healthcare Nursing
    Taylor Ciccarelli The Effect of Patient Death on the Nurse Nursing
    Tara Ciesinski Moral Distress in Nurses Caring for Opioid-Addicted Pregnant Women Nursing
    Meghan Colantuoni Patient Confidentiality Through HIPAA: Nurses Usage of Social Media and the Concern of Patient Protection Nursing
    Kaylyn Countie The Effects of Workplace Violence on Registered Nurses and Burnout Nursing
    Marissa Czarnecki Using Music Therapy on Pediatric Oncology Patients: Why Not? Nursing
    Molly DeCarlo Nurses’ Knowledge of How to Improve Sleep Quality for Patients in the Intensive Care Unit Nursing
    Kathryn Denker Adolescents' Involvement in Treatment Decisions Nursing
    Madeline Drinkwater Do Nurses and Parents believe there is effective communication in the NICU setting? Nursing
    Peyton Eisler Integrating forensic nursing at the undergraduate level Nursing
    Carli Marie Eldridge The Effect of New Graduate Residency Programs on Retention Nursing
    Catherine Elkas Adapting Mental Health Screenings for Prenatal Patients to Improve Birth Outcomes- Nursing
    Lindsey Fitzpatrick Nurses' Perceptions of the Benefits of Pediatric Distraction Techniques Nursing
    Elizabeth Foss Palliative Care Communication: Nurses' Hesitancy/Barriers Initiating Palliative Care Discussions with Patients and Families/Caregivers Nursing
    Zoey Gifford Nurses' Knowledge of Fertility Preservation in Oncology Nursing
    Kiley Gilmore Nursing Care for Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Delivery Nursing
    Haley Goff Yoga for Stress Management in Nursing Nursing
    Jacquelyn Gordon  Effectiveness of Palliative Care with Oncology Patients
    Ashley Gramstorff Moral Distress in Emergency Department Nurses- Nursing
    Kate Hambrook Caregiver-Centered Care Related to Alzheimer’s Disease Nursing
    Elizabeth Hanson Exploring Mental Health Screenings for Postpartum Depression throughout Pregnancy Nursing
    Kellie Hart Humor Therapy in Pediatric Oncology Nursing Nursing
    Samantha Henry Nurses with Mental Health Conflicts in Night Shift Settings Nursing
    Olivia Hill Nurses Utilization of Non-Pharmacological Advancements in Treating Depression Nursing
    Haylee Hoffman Effectiveness of mindfulness practices by pediatric oncology nurses in reducing hospital Nursing
    Meaghan Hunter Barriers to Family Centered Care for Nurses in the Intensive Care Unit Nursing
    Courtney Hynes Nurses’ Personal Beliefs Impact on Professional Practice Nursing
    Brianna Knight Associated anxiety in their patients Nursing
    Taylor Kozel End-of-Life Care Pediatric Oncology Nursing
    Sara Labodycz Burden of Double-Duty Caregiving Nursing
    Alexis Labossiere Use of Therapeutic Touch in Cancer Patients Nursing
    Leah Laurenza Pediatric Oncology Family Education Post-Diagnosis Nursing
    Alexa Lebro Burnout Among Caregivers at Day Programs for Adults with Disabilities Nursing
    James Lewis Hospital Readmissions and the Discharge Process: What Can Acute Care Nurses Do? Nursing
    Michele Louizos Raising Awareness of the Risks Associated with Vaping in Adolescents Nursing
    Gillian Lynch Incivility in Nursing Related to Job Satisfaction Nursing
    Sarah Matys Nurse Communication Barriers While Working with Autistic Patients Nursing
    Justin McEwen The Effect of In-class Testing Stress on Senior Nursing Students Nursing
    Rylee Michaud The Effects of Alarm Fatigue on Patient Care Nursing
    Matthew Mitrano Primary Factors Affecting Readmission Rates Nursing
    Courtney Murphy The Causes for Moral Distress in Correctional Nursing Nursing
    Emma Nekoroski The Effects of Holistic Self-Care Techniques on Quality of Life in Student Nurses Nursing
    Emma O'Keefe Maternal Physiological Factors that Impact the Fetus Nursing
    Ashley Palmer A Hospital Nurse’s Role in Climate Change Mitigation Nursing
    Alexa Papastathis Causes, Effects, and Interventions of Burnout Syndrome in Registered Nurses Working in the Acute Care Setting Nursing
    Nicole Patel Nurses’ Use of Complementary and Alternative Therapies: Beneficial or Not? Nursing
    Rachel Pereira The Increased Need for Disaster Relief Nurses and Disaster Relief Nursing Preparedness Nursing
    Matthew Piontkowski Barriers to Patient Education as Perceived by the Patient Nursing
    Genevieve Poirier Current Level of Knowledge of Nurses on Pharmacological and Nonpharmacological Treatments for Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting Nursing
    Amanda Poulin Family-Centered Care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Screening for Postpartum Depression Nursing
    Erica Puopolo The Effect of Lateral Violence. Nurses' Perception of Job Performance Nursing
    Christine Quave Aggressive Patients and Education for Nurses on how to Manage Them Nursing
    Remi Quesnelle Nursing Simulation and Knowledge Acquisition in Nursing Students Nursing
    Holly Roberts
    Copying Abilities for Prevention of Burnout in Pediatric Oncology Nurses
    Serena Sandoval The Presence of Moral Distress in Pediatric Intensive Care Units Nursing
    Stephanie Santini The Role Bedside Nurses Play in the Efficacy of Rapid Response Teams Nursing
    Samantha Sarro School Nurse’s Knowledge on Identifying Students with Eating Disorders Nursing
    Libby Scherber School Nurses’ Confidence in Assessment of Psychiatric Disorders in Foster Nursing
    Lauren Shimkus Nursing Interventions for Infants with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome in The Neonatal Intensive Nursing
    Sarah Smith The Role of Nurses in the Nutrition Screening Process Nursing
    Alyssa Steede Registered Nurses Perceived Barriers to Parent Education in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nursing
    Rylie Strong The Barriers of Using Complementary Alternative Medicine: The Effect of Provider Education on the Use of CAM Nursing
    Tiana Thomaszewski Oncology Nurses’ Self Modalities Used to Prevent Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Nursing
    Katherine Todd
    Nurses Preparedness for Mass Casualty Incidents (MCIs)
    Crystal Truglia Lateral Violence within the Nursing Profession Nursing
    Emma Voelker Nursing Perspectives: Women’s Health Care for the Intellectually Disabled Nursing
    Lauren Walter Moral Distress on Critical Care Nurses Nursing
    Lindsey Whelan Nurses’ Understanding of the Benefits of Complementary and Alternative Medical Use in Hospice Care Patients Nursing
    Katherine Williams Moral Distress in Emergency Room Nurses: Caring for the Sexually Assaulted Nursing
  • School of Sport Science & Fitness Studies
    Full Name Thesis Title Major
    Nathan Amundsen The Effects of Childhood Sport Participation on Adulthood Physical Activity Levels Exercise Science
    Charlotte Anderson Kinesio Tape and the Effect on Patient Pain Perception Athletic Training
    Nicholas Arcadipane How the rise in access to view professional sports has impacted sports stadiums design Sport Management
    Hayleigh Aubut An Investigation into Psychological and Physical Factors Affecting Progress in Pediatric Occupational Therapy Exercise Science
    Harry Baker Connick Spectator motives of esports compared to traditional sport Sport Management
    Charles Barnard The determinants of fan attendance for high school sporting events Sport Management
    Catherine Bernfeld Impact of team's social media strategies on fan engagement and fan identification: A case of Boston Bruins Sport Management
    Thomas Brent Strength Performance with Musical Enhancement Exercise Science
    Hannah Buckley What are college freshmen’s perceptions of the coach’s impact on their athletic experience? Sport Management
    Emalie Bushee The Effect of High-Intensity Interval Training vs. Moderate-Intensity Training on VO2max in College Students Exercise Science
    Garrett Campion What is the impact on sports gambling on college students well-being Sport Management
    Michael Careccia How do Gen Z and Gen Y feel about athlete activism? Sport Management
    Paul Caridi The Effect of Idols and Role Models on Young Athletes Sport Management
    Brendan Carpenter Perception of Women and Sport Media Sport Management
    Maximilian Chabot The use of affinity-seeking strategies and the affect on satisfaction in the coach-player relationship Sport Management
    Christian Collum Effectiveness of Commercials Aired During Major Sporting Events on Millennial Viewers Sport Management
    Christopher Connelly How do the Actions of Professional Athletes who Participate in Social Activism Impact the Actions and Attitudes Assumed by Amateur Athletes? Sport Management
    Chiara Corazzini Prevention of Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injuries in the Careers of Baseball Pitchers Exercise Science
    Angelea Correale What are the effects of yoga on anxiety ? Exercise Science
    Matthew Courtemanche Professional Athletes’ Social Media Influence on Fans’ Purchase Intentions Sport Management
    Krysta Cruz The Effects of Various Coaching Techniques on Adolescents in Sport Exercise Science
    Austin DeFilippo What are the variables that influence fans to attend an MLB game? Sport Management
    Nicole Demers How an athlete's perception of the athlete-coach relationship effects their motivation and experience Sport Management
    Brooke DePuy Chocolate Milk and Recovery from Endurance and Resistance Exercise Athletic Training
    Taylor Downey Athletic Identity and Mental Health Symptomatology in Current Athletes Athletic Training
    Savannah Dubois How does exercise impact sleep quality in women? Exercise Science
    John Duffy How the social media use by Major League Baseball teams affect consumer behavior Sport Management
    Cassidy Dvorsky The Influence of Healthcare Providers on Pregnant Women Participating in Exercise Exercise Science
    Christopher Faust Exertional Heat Illness Among Athletes: Heat Syncope, Heat Cramps, Heat Exhaustion, Heat Stroke Exercise Science
    Nicolas Favale The Relationship Between Rewarding Gym Membership Holders and the Exerciser's Post-Class Success Rate Exercise Science
    Ella Folsom-Fraster The Effects of Adapted Sports on the Quality of Life in Children with Disabilities Exercise Science
    Austin Fournier Student-athlete's perceptions of the participation online sports gambling and its influence of high-risk behaviors Sport Management
    Adam Germaine Do Satisfaction Levels of Collegiate Athletes with their Athletic Trainers Differ Amongst Various Sports and Genders? Sport Management
    Isaiah Gibbs What Factors Influence Generation Z’s Purchase Intentions of Athlete Endorsed Products? Sport Management
    Austin Gilbert What are the core services that sustain membership at health and fitness clubs? Sport Management
    Colin Graves How is Safety Netting Perceived by Major League Baseball Fans who have Attended MLB Games? Sport Management
    Thomas Hannafin The Use of Alternative Complementary Medicine in the Treatment of Knee Injuries in the Geriatric Population Exercise Science
    Reid Hebert Do game day promotions have a positive effect on game day attendance when it comes to certain sports? Sport Management
    Zachary Heffernan Are Athletic Commitment and Academic Success Related? Sport Management
    Kayla Hourihan Does an athlete endorsement of a brand affect sales more than traditional commercial advertising? Sport Management
    Stephanie Isidorio Effect of Music during VO2 Max Testing Exercise Science
    Aidan Johnson Studying the Overall Growth of Professional Sport Sponsorship and its Influence on the Growth of Professional Sport Sport Management
    Gregory Kay What are the most effective onboarding tactics in college athletic departments? Sport Management
    Mackenzie Kennedy Breathe Slow, Move Fast: A Study of the Effects of Meditation on Concussion Rehabilitation in Athletes Athletic Training
    Jack Kilty Do DIII Student Athletes Recognize Different Levels of Political Skill While Being Recruited Sport Management
    Isaac Klesyk The effects of sport participation on student-athletes' and non student athletes' social life and identity Sport Management
    Kayla Kobelski Influence of Social Media on Exercise Behavior Exercise Science
    John Koebel The Effects of Creatine Intake and Supplement Knowledge Exercise Science
    Katey Latassa The Psychological Effects and Stress-Reducing Capacity of Exercise and Its Influence on Perceived Readiness in College Students Prior to Test-Taking Exercise Science
    Devin Laube The Improvements of Students' Cognition, Academics and Body Mass Through a Morning Physical Education Club Physical Ed. Teacher Lic
    Samantha Lello The Effects of Chocolate Milk Post Resistance Training Exercise Science
    Bryn Lipton Attitudes, Tendencies, and Behaviors of Collegiate Athletes in Regard to Antibiotic Use and its Resistance Athletic Training
    Hannah Llewellyn Diabetes Education On a College Campus: Issues and Community Education Exercise Science
    Holly MacCormick The Effects of Mental Health on the Recovery from an Orthopedic Operation Exercise Science
    Jessica MacNeill The Influence of Professional Athlete’s Social Media Brand on College Athletes’ Perceptions of Professional Athletes Sport Management
    Daniel Mathes The Motives and Habits of Esports Players in Comparison to Traditional Sports Sport Management
    Nicole McCardle Muscle Energy Technique for the Cervical Spine Utilizing the Selective Functional Movement Athletic Training
    Hayley McDine Student-athlete perceptions of how participation in sport impacts mental well-being Sport Management
    Conor McHugh How Social Media Marketing Affects Intercollegiate Game Attendance among Students Sport Management
    Michaela McNamara The Effect Family has on an Athlete's Participation and Skill Level Sport Management
    Hannah Merritt Impact of coach-athlete relationship quality on burnout, engagement, and motivation Sport Management
    Allison Moore What do professional sports fans value in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives by their local Professional Sport Organizations? Sport Management
    John Moynihan Parental Influence in Youth Sport in Relation to Burnout over the Long-Term Career of an Athlete Sport Management
    Hunter Murphy Factors That Influence Fan Loyalty in Sport Sport Management
    Rodric Pacheco How sports teams can benefit from the innovative uses that virtual reality could have on the overall fan experience Sport Management
    Alyssa Peterson Aerobic Exercise and Cognitive Function Exercise Science
    Anthony Piccirillo Effects of Caffeine on Strength, Endurance, and Fatigue When Supplemented at Different Times Prior to Exercise Exercise Science
    Emily Pratt Differences in Cross Generational Perceptions of Female Athletes Competing in Traditional and Non-Traditional Sports Sport Management
    Kaleigh Putnam The impact of participation in organized sport on young adult athletes’ self concept Sport Management
    Noah Race The Decline of Attendance at D-III College Football Games: Analyzing the Factors Influencing College Student Attendance Sport Management
    Shawn Rajotte The Effect of Social Media Use on Pro Sports Team Fan’s Buying Habits Sport Management
    Jae Reilly The Effects of Vaping and E-Cigarettes on Exercise and Exercise Performance Exercise Science
    Mitchell Roy The impact of coaches motives on youth athletes future participation in sports Sport Management
    Emma Rusconi Psychology and Injury in Athletes: Do athletes who have suffered an injury feel uncertain or fearful when they return to their sport? Exercise Science
    Evan Samson Incentivized contracts vs. guaranteed contracts in professional sports and the relationship between contract status and player performance Sport Management
    Brendan Santoro Factors That Cause Fans to Purchase UFC PPVs Sport Management
    Kaelyn Sieger The Underutilization Of Cardiac Rehabilitation in Massachusetts Exercise Science
    Evan Sinitsky What are the impacts of performance enhancing drugs on fan affiliation in professional baseball? Sport Management
    Hayden St. Jean The Efficiency of the NFL Draft Pick Market by Measuring the Elasticity of the Relationship Between Draft Pick Value and Player Performance Sport Management
    Griffin Sullivan Identifying Sport Gambling Tendencies amongst College Students Sport Management
    Paul Sullivan The Impact of Social Media for Strength Training on Young Adults Exercise Science
    Nicole Thurston Meal Preparation and Eating Healthy: Campus Strategies Exercise Science
    Seth Travers Cryotherapy’s Effectiveness on Recovery of Soreness in the Perspective of the Athlete Athletic Training
    Rachael Tucker The Relationship Among Youth Sport Specialization Injury, Burnout, and Continued Participation Sport Management
    Andrew Tudino What factors contribute to the inequality in various forms of sports media attention between male and female professional sports? Sport Management
    Sean Valente The Effects of Exercise on Anxiety and Depression Exercise Science
    Dane Whitcomb Comparing Spectator Motives Between eSports and Traditional Sports Sport Management
    Nicholas White What are Fans' Perceptions of the Factors that Influence Identification with Professional Sports Teams? Sport Management
    Richard Whittier What are the Factors that Contribute to a Student-Athlete’s Experience in Division III Athletics? Sport Management
    Alexandra Wolf The Effects of Childhood Sport Participation on Adulthood Physical Activity Levels Exercise Science
    Allie Zunick The Effect of Peer Influence on a Participants Exertion in Regards to the Sex Composition of an Audience Exercise Science
  • School of Visual & Performing Arts
    Full Name Thesis Title Major
    Corrine Anderson Dreams and Nightmares: Healing the Imaginative Subconscious Through Surrealism and Art Therapy Art Therapy
    Gillian Butler Eastfield Village Interior Design
    Haley Chioda Frontier Family Interior Design
    Kristina Cooley The Little Wellness Center Interior Design
    Gianna D'Aprile Waves of Impact Interior Design
    Benjamin Dages Narrative Values Within Storytelling: The Hero’s Journey Across Forms of Multimedia Studio Art
    Emily de la Rocha Putting Yourself Back Together Again: How Art Serves as a Coping Mechanism for Emotional Trauma Art Therapy
    Lindsay Dieterich Hidden Dreams of a Restful Earth Photography
    Natalie Dimitriou The Huna House Interior Design
    Lee Drinkwater Examining the Relationship Between Mental Illness and Crime Criminal Justice
    Kerry Driscoll The Cove Interior Design
    Jessica Dubois Emerging Minds Interior Design
    Aradia Dumas Meant for Something More Photography
    Kimberly Egan Clay Therapy to Facilitate Expression in Autism Spectrum Disorder Art Therapy
    Amanda Erickson The Coterie Interior Design
    Martin Ferland ATTIC ’98 - A Curated Closet of Vintage Inspired, Up-cycled, and Redesigned Clothing Graphic Design
    Caitlyn Fitzsimmons Elevate Interior Design
    Makayla Fleming Connect Interior Design
    Una Gavin Saving the Oceans: Branding A Beach Clean-Up and Surf Competition Graphic Design
    Gabriela Guerrero Diaz Seesay: Visual Communication for English Pronunciation Graphic Design
    Emma Hess Bare Photography
    Greer Hines Texas Wildlife Conservation Center Interior Design
    Carlos Hugenberger Tito Burrito: Branding a DJ’s Career Graphic Design
    Brittany Humphrey Center Fidelis Interior Design
    Meghan Kirschbaum Buford Highway Marketplace Interior Design
    Kylie Kolodziej Hidden behind the internet Photography
    Danielle Mann Distortion of Self Art Therapy
    Halle McGibbon Bloom Peak Restoration Interior Design
    Rita McVeigh Sound Wellness Interior Design
    Paige Messana The Mountain Club Interior Design
    Melissa Montesano The Hub Apartments Interior Design
    Madison Mucci Studio Haven Interior Design
    Caroline Neacy Rose Cancer Support Community Interior Design
    Emily Norman Blended Emerging Artist Residency Interior Design
    Amy Olsen Artist Identity & Expression Through Digital Media Studio Art
    Noelle Pagliei OVERLOOKED - An Environmental Campaign Addressing New Jersey’s Changing Climate Graphic Design
    Lyndsey Peckham The Mod. Interior Design
    Emily Pereira Medley Interior Design
    Jillian Perrone EMPOWHER: Power to Her, A Feminist Magazine to Inspire Young Women Graphic Design
    Savannah Pierce Naked Taste Interior Design
    Michael Rotiroti A Tiny Hope Photography
    Emily Shaw Level Up Interior Design
    Shyla Smith The False Truth Photography
    Abigail Suchocki In the Shadows: An Exploration of Light and Shadow in Photography Studio Art
    Nam Trinh A Design Brand is Key in Supporting Nonprofit Organizations Graphic Design
    Jesse Trudeau The Den of Austin Interior Design
    Jordyn Valencourt Pop Photography
    Sarah Visnick The Village at 7 Sohier Interior Design
    Amber Vuilleumier Alamar Retreat and Equestrian Center Interior Design
    Alexandra Whipple The Station House Interior Design
    Alexandra Williams Synergy Interior Design
    Lauren Wutka International Terminal at SFO Interior Design
    KayLee Zubhuza Ages of Innocence Photography
  • Van Loan School of Professional Studies
    Full name Thesis Title Major
    Eva Agoston-Baez Youth Homelessness and Mentoring Business
    Brent Beebe Formal Mentorship Program and the Department of Veteran Affairs Boston Healthcare System Police Service Business
    Dennis Bishop Achieving Enterprise Resource Planning System Efficiency in the Massachusetts Army National Guard Business
    Michael Jenkins Can Individuals Best Determine Their Occupation through Aptitude Tests Business
    Cynthia Larkin Job Satisfaction, Inclusion and Support of Foreign-Born Faculty and Staff Business
    Yolanda Molina Remote Work and Job Satisfaction for Millennials and Generation Z Business
    Leon Stearns What Factors are Negatively Affecting the Millennial Generation's Ability to Own Real Estate? Business
    Nhi Valcourt Can Poker Strategies be Implemented in Business? Business
    Celly Gomes Factors/Obstacles Preventing Cape Verdean Immigrants from Acquiring Higher Education Business
    Daniel Alves Technology in Business Business
    Katherine Roberts Exploring Latent Risks Between Trauma and Homelessness Among the Veteran Population Criminal Justice
    Matthew Greeley How Safe is our Information on Social Media? Criminal Justice
    Geraldine Baez Effectiveness of Juvenile Probation Criminal Justice
    Paul Brancaleone Military Veterans Transition to Civilian Workforce Liberal Studies
    Christina Margas Self Preparation of the Montessori Teacher Liberal Studies
    Leigh Truslow Scharfe Rising Seas and Coastal Flooding: What Are the Climate Change Attitudes of a Community at Risk Liberal Studies
    Sarah Ramirez Parents' Expectations Of The ABA Classroom For Autistic Children Liberal Studies
    Eric Agarin-Ortiz Safe Spaces for LGBTQA+ Communities within Childcare Liberal Studies
    Michelle McKenna Are School-Aged Children being Overmedicated for Mental Health Issues? Liberal Studies
    Nicole Parker-Mondon Culturally Responsive Training and Boston Public School Teachers Liberal Studies
    Pablo Yanes Pre-School and Single Parents Liberal Studies
    Lucia Lopez Learning in Young Children Through Play versus Non Played Oriented Education Liberal Studies
    Roserlis Perez Do Children Learn Knowledge or Skills in Preschool? Liberal Studies
    Shelby McLoed After the Abortion: Providing Mental Health Support for Women Psychology
    Christina Shorter Social Media's Affect on Female Body Image Psychology
    Rosana Belizaire Educating Parents on Child Development Psychology
    Kerri Tenaglia Cianciarulo Mindfulness as a form of Therapeutic Treatment Psychology