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Video Transcript Seventh President

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Endicott's seventh president is Dr. Steven R. DiSalvo, a proven leader that demonstrated the ability to embrace the College's exciting history of growth, continued commitment to evolution and innovation, and an unwavering focus on its students' success.

Text Transcript

I've chosen to dedicate my life's work to higher education because I have a true passion for students and student success.

I was the first member of my family to attend college.

My parents made tremendous sacrifices.

Both of my parents working multiple jobs to help put me through private, independent college.

The value of that I think is seen in what I've been able to do going on to get advanced degrees and eventually become a college president.

Every student should be given that opportunity.

When I see students that have these exciting ideas for the future and are trying to figure out the pathway forward, that excites me.

I want to help them.

My name is Dr. Steven DiSalvo. I am the seventh president of Endicott College. 

The first thing I'm looking forward to doing at Endicott is meeting the people. Meeting the students and then meeting faculty and staff who have dedicated their life's work to education.

Every institution has a beautiful footprint, nice buildings, but what makes it unique is the culture and the people at the institution.

To really understand it you have to understand the folks that are part of the fabric of the place and I absolute