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There are two main calendars: 1) Events Calendar and 2) Center for the Arts Calendar. Each calendar contains a variety of categories. The main Events Calendar contains all events for the College including the Center for the Arts, Alumni, Athletics, Student Activities, Academic events, professional development for faculty and staff, club and organization meetings, and more. The Center for The Arts calendar focuses on the visual and performing arts and exhibits only.

All Endicott College event organizers are reminded to strive for the largest possible audience by publicizing their activities on the Endicott Events Calendar. All faculty, staff, and administrators of the Endicott College community can sign up for an account to submit events to the calendar. Please note that all events must receive prior approval by your units director or vice-president and rooms must be reserved using the EMS system before entering events.

You can go to to sign up or sign in (if you already have an account). This login page replaces the old “Open Entry Form”.  Or use the convenient Submit an Event link on the Events Calendar landing page:

Students in decorated golf carts during homecoming

Submit an event:

Showing the login screen for the calendar


Besides having the opportunity to manage your events (modify or delete events, you can also set up free registration to keep track of how many guests to expect.) you can also create a personal portfolio of events that you are interested in and would like to follow.


Please submit your club and organization events to your organizations advisor for posting to the events calendar. Upon approval they will submit the event on your behalf.

Event Approval:

The Event Calendar is for Endicott College approved events only, please indicate in the "Approved By" area who approved your event. This information will not be published on the Calendar.

Once logged in, please follow the instructions for create an event. If this is your first time, here is a handy ist of daily calendar functions like creating, modifying or deleting an event that you might find helpful: 

Daily Calendar Functions

Event Name & Description Recommendations

  • Use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and complete sentences.
  • Capitalize proper names and places (Endicott College or Center for the Arts).
  • Place all performance titles in quotes ("Hamlet").
  • Create consistency when adding certain types of event names.
    • Lectures – Ex: Name of Speaker:  "Title of Lecture"
    • Exhibits –Ex:  Name of Exhibit:  “Title of Exhibit”
  • Upload dynamic photos that will engage your audience!
  • The alt attribute is used to specify text which will be displayed in place of your image if the image cannot be viewed for any reason. The image alt text is required if any image has been uploaded.
  • Add in attachments that are relevant to the audience such as handouts, playbills, agendas.
  • Select the relevant categories for your event; make sure to add to more than one to cross market your event! But, do not list more than 3.
  • Convince your audience to come to your event. Use specific details and interesting copy.

The Endicott Editorial Style Guide should be used as a quick-reference for writers, editors, and members of the Endicott community. The guide addresses many of the editorial questions that are encountered most frequently regarding our eight undergraduate schools, departments, faculty, centers, and alumni.

Pictures and Attachments:

You can upload up to 5 pictures to an event, each with a maximum size of 3MB, and you can add up to 10MB of attachments. *Note: There are several different places the Event Image will display: the Highlighted Events area, the Event Summary view, the Event Details view, and the Location view. Each image should have an aspect ratio of 1.6: 1 in order to scale properly in all views. For example, an image that is 1600 x 1000 pixels will scale properly throughout Event Publisher.

  • Upload an attachment by locating the file on your computer, or pasting the attachment URL in the text field.
  • Click Choose From Library to find an attachment that has been added to the Event Publisher media library.
  • If you have multiple images for an event, click on the star icon in the top left corner of an attachment to select it as the Defaultfor the event. This is the image that will be used in the event listing.
  • Click the T icon to edit the alternate text that will display when a user hovers their mouse over the attachment. It is also used by visually impaired web browser assistance applications for WCAG conformance.
  • Click the trash can icon to remove an attachment from the event.

Calendar Guidelines:

The Endicott College Calendar is solely used for events organized, hosted, sponsored or co-sponsored by Endicott departments and schools and officially recognized student organizations. Events may be open to the general public or may be listed as private events for Endicott faculty, staff, students, and/or alumni. They may also be hosted on-campus or off-campus.

Endicott will not accept event submissions from individuals or organizations from outside of the College, with the exception of conferences or other events that are held at Endicott facilities. Events must be submitted by a calendar content provider with an email account. All events must be submitted through the login form for review and approval by Student Activities. Personal events or solicitations are not allowed, and will be rejected. Endicott College reserves the right to approve, reject or make special considerations for any event submitted.

Endicott College policy prohibits posting student phone numbers and email addresses. Please use only staff or faculty members as contacts on calendar events. 

Event Contacts

Once an event is submitted, the event information is sent to Student Activities for "review and release" within 2 business days. If you have any problems posting an event, or your event has not been posted within 2 days of your event submission, please contact Student Activities at, or call 978-232-2119.