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Van Loan Undergraduate Programs

Van Loan School's undergraduate programs are for people like you - motivated people who are busy and want to fit a quality education into their lives.

Whether you are new to college or returning to finish the dream of completing your degree you will find a community that is interested in listening to and developing your passion. 

Explore our program offerings in BeverlyBostonGloucester, and Online

A variety of concentration options makes it possible for you explore your options and discover your passion. Click below for more on concentration options.

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Van Loan School student Alyssa Reeves

           Alyssa Reeves, Essex, MA - Bachelor’s Degree, Marketing 

        “It’s been great; I feel supported here. It’s a smart decision price wise and the education is                                    fantastic.” 


Van Loan School student Maxine Clark

       Maxine Clark, Beverly, MA - Business Degree

      “The faculty is excellent. I really liked that there was a mix of people that teach here full time that          work in their field and contribute real, current experience.”

        To accommodate her busy schedule, Maxine completed her degree leveraging a blend of classroom and online courses.