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Graduate Programs

Endicott offers a variety of educational programs and services designed to provide adult learners with quality credit and non-credit courses. Students may attend full or part-time, on-site or on-line. 

For more information about our 5th Year Programs, click here.

Doctoral Programs

   Doctor of Education (Ed.D) Educational Leadership - Higher Education

   Doctor of Education (Ed.D) Educational Leadership - PreK-12

   Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Applied Behavioral Analysis

   Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Nursing

Master's Programs

   Master of Education Programs 

   Master of Business Administration

   Master of Science in Homeland Security Studies

   Master of Science in Nursing

   Master of Science in Information Technology 

   Master of Interior Architecture Programs (M.A. and M.F.A)

   Institute for Behavioral Studies 

   International Programs

Additional Programs / Certificates

   Accelerated Secondary Teacher Preparation Program

   Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Certificate Program

   Certificate in Autism

   Special Education Licensure Certificate Program


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