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Alumni Travel Program


October 13 - 22, 2017


Day 1: Overnight flight from Boston

Day 2: Stroll through Sofia

Day 3: Historical Walk through Sofia and visit to antique flea market. Lunch with a Bulgarian Vice Minister of government.

Day 4: Travel to Rila Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site, followed by a wine tasting and villa tour.

Day 5: A day in the ancient Roman city of Plovdiv, one of the oldest cities in Europe boasting many Thracian, Greek, and Roman archeological sites.

Day 6: Travel through the Thracian Valley of the Kings with a visit to a Thracian tomb. Then, it’s off to the Balkin Mountains with a stop at the Shipka Church and Shipka Pass Monument.

Day 7: Immerse yourself in Bulgaria by touring Etara, a living museum featuring a traditional craft marketplace where you can sample foods, and learn about traditional crafts. Later, enjoy a traditional dinner cooked by a well-known Bulgarian chef,

Day 8: Explore Viliko Tarnovo, the capitol of the Second Bulgarian Empire, and climb the steps of the medieval fortress for breathtaking views. We’ll learn about local history on a private tour with the director of the Regional Museum of History.

Day 9: Relax in Tryavna, a colorful mountain town with charming traditional architecture.

Day 10:  Prepare for your travels home with a morning cup of coffee or tea in the barn, then board the bus to the airport. During the ride, be sure to look out your window at the incredible views of the Balkin Mountains of Sofia.








Cost Per Person:
$2,400 (all inclusive)

Included in Cost:
Round Trip Airfare from Logan International Airport, air taxes and fees / surcharges, transfers, hotels, meals, translator, Bulgarian health insurance of 30,000 euros**, museum and historical sites admission, and tour guides.
*all rates are per person and subject to change based on air inclusive package from BOS

**Bulgaria does not offer health insurance for travelers over the age of 80. Travelers over the age of 80 need to carry insurance from the United States.

More details can be found in the Alumni Trip to Bulgaria Brochure.



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