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Request a Tutor, Introduction, or In-Class Writing Workshop

Request a Tutor

Faculty can request a tutor for a particular class session to work with students in peer groups or one-on-one. Whether you are having students brainstorm topic ideas for a paper or running a peer review workshop, let our tutors help you and your students!

Writing Center Introduction

Would you like your students to learn more about the Writing Center and our services? Request a "Writing Center Introduction" where our tutors will come to your class, meet with students, outline the typical session, discuss how we can help with their writing, and show students how to make an appointment using our online scheduling system .

In-class Writing Workshop

The Writing Center staff would be happy to visit your classes to run writing workshops on a variety of skills. Some of the workshops conducted in previous semesters include:

        • getting started/generating topic ideas for a paper;
        • researching effectively and identifying reliable sources;
        • citing sources appropriately using APA, MLA, or Chicago style;
        • composing effective thesis statements and transitions;
        • identifying and analyzing audience(s);
        • writing annotated bibliographies;
        • reading an academic/scholarly article.

We can work with your students on these or other areas of writing. If you have any questions or ideas for potential workshops (or questions about any of our other services), please feel free to contact the Director, Dr. David DiSarro, at or (978) 232-2237, or the Academic Resources Coordinator, Juliana Studer, at or 978-816-7657.

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