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Tutoring Center

Interested in becoming a peer tutor?   Click here to download an application!
Click here to make an appointment with the Tutoring Center for help in a variety of content areas. 

At the Tutoring Center, professional and peer tutors from a variety of fields help students prepare for exams, address homework, tackle projects, and review and reinforce material presented by their professors.

We help students:

  • Clarify class notes
  • Prepare for quizzes and exams
  • Identify individual learning styles
  • Develop study techniques
  • Enhance and intensify understanding of course materials

Our approach:

  • Offer free, collaborative, 30 or 60 minute 1:1 tutoring sessions
  • Encourage students to set the agenda for the session
  • Energize and motivate students through useful workshops
  • Mentor and model effective study habits
  • Provide an active presence on campus through satellite locations and class visits

Appointments and Cancellation Policies:

Click on the link at the top of this page to make an appointment. Appointments are free and available to any Endicott student. Students are matched with tutors who have taken the same course with the same professor to ensure methodologies align. If your course or professor is new, you may be matched with someone who has taken another version of the course. Students may book sessions as-needed, or can scheduling repeat appointments for the entire semester. We ask all repeat students to sign our Repeat Appointment Contract. After three missed or canceled sessions, your standing appointment will be removed from our system and you may book on an as-needed basis.


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