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Academic Resources

Advising Services Center

Peer tutors working with students

In addition to a faculty advisor, all students have access to the Advising Services Center (ASC), which serves as a resource to students and faculty regarding the advising process. ASC staff members help provide the tools and forms commonly utilized for course selection, changing majors, selecting and declaring concentrations or minors, and procedures for adding, dropping, or withdrawing from a class.

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Accessibility Services

Study materials in the Tutoring Center

The Accessibility Services (AS) Office complies with the mandates of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 Title III; and the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA), which prohibit discrimination against individuals with disabilities. Endicott College seeks to provide a supportive environment for students, staff, and faculty, and is committed to providing equal access to educational programs and services.

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Student Success

Student Success Office is located on the 2nd floor of Halle Library

Are you comfortable in the NEST, found your niche, fit in, happy?  If not, please visit the Office of Student Success, we are here to assist you, we believe in student happiness!  Referring a friend in need could enhance their academic success at Endicott. The Office of Student Success assists students and families in problem resolution.

Thinking of transferring, taking a leave of absence, or not returning Endicott for any reason? If so, please come to the Office of Student Success for a personal exit interview and completion/signing of all forms related to student withdrawals.  All students must officially withdraw from Endicott through the Student Success Office. The process is simple and your voice matters. We want your input! 


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Student Support Center

Learning consultants in the Student Support Center

The Student Support Center (SSC) assists students in breaking down their academic tasks into distinct, achievable steps. Learning consultants are translators of course content and professor expectations, and they work with students to convert academic tasks into action stages. Students gain universal learning skills that they can apply to all of their classes whenever needed.

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Tutoring Center

Peer tutors working with students

The Tutoring Center (TC) provides content-based tutoring for members of the campus community. Tutors can work with students in a variety of ways. Traditional sessions are 1:1, in which a student and tutor review material based on the individual needs of the student. Sessions can cover topics including test review, homework assistance, study skills, time management, and reinforcing concepts presented in the classroom.

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Writing Center

Professional tutors at work in the Writing Center

The Writing Center (WC) offers 1:1 conferences to discuss any writing assignment for any class, no matter where a student might be in his/her writing process. In addition to common writing-related tasks (ex. brainstorming, developing arguments, thesis statements, citations, grammar, etc.), tutors can also help with presentation and public speaking skills, as well as the formatting and design of visual, spatial, and audio compositions.

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