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College Communications

The Digital Communications office manages the social media accounts that represent the College as a whole; others are maintained by schools, organizations, departments, programs, and more. If you'd like to see your account on this list or have content to share, please email

Thinking of starting a new social media account on campus? Please contact Digital Communications first! We'll give you a few guidelines and make sure your new account is added to our inventory. Staff/faculty, please make sure you possess the login information/access to any student-run account under your supervision. All social media managers should be familiar with and follow our Social Networking Policy.

For more information, please visit our Digital Communications web page.

House rules for comments
Comments made to these sites are the opinions of the authors, not of the College. We encourage all comments, both positive and negative, in the interest of open conversation, however we will delete any comments that include disparaging remarks about individuals, name-calling, threats, solicitation, or profanity. We reserve the right to terminate access to our pages by repeat offenders.

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