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Using College PR

 Internal Media Relations Policy

The Assistant to the President serves as the official College spokesperson and conveys the official College position on issues of general college-wide impact or significant situations that are of a particular controversial or sensitive nature. Inquiries from the media about such issues should be referred to the Assistant to the President. Depending on the specific circumstances, the president may designate another college administrator to serve as spokesperson on a particular issue.

Please refer all media inquiries to the Assistant to the President. If the media contacts an employee, the employee should notify the Assistant to the President prior to offering comments. Should you provide comments to media without first speaking to the Assistant to the President, please make it very clear that you do not speak on behalf of the College.

If the Assistant to the President is contacted about a specific program or area of expertise for information, her office will contact appropriate faculty or staff members to solicit comments. She will arrange a conversation before a member of the press contacts you to give you time to gather your thoughts prior to any interview.


 Using College PR/Promoting Your Event

If you have an event or news item to publicize, please contact Joanne Waldner, Assistant to the President, to discuss the best options for your announcement. Approaches will vary based on timing, location, the nature of the news or event, photography availability, and other factors. The College will do as much as possible to promote all events using our available resources.

Information about athletes or athletic programs is the responsibility of Shawn Medeiros, Sports Information Director, who can be contacted at

The Assistant to the President sends out news releases on a regular basis to area newspapers, radio, television and other appropriate news outlets. All news releases for external audiences should be channeled through this office. News releases may include announcements, accomplishments, general information, events, and feature stories. If you would like to submit news releases, please submit the information at least two weeks prior to the date the event will be held. However, each newspaper reserves the right to publish or not publish information they receive.

Please remember when submitting information for a news release to include WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY. Always include contact information for further questions. You can refer to our news page for examples of formatting and content in an Endicott news release. Images are always helpful, so please include them if they are available (please keep in mind that any print publication will want high-resolution files).

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