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Strategic Plan

Endicott Strategic Plan 2011-2020

A message from the President

I am pleased to present the College’s new strategic plan which was developed by the Endicott College Planning Committee in consultation with hundreds of members of the College community, including trustees, faculty, staff, students, alumni and the Board of Advisors. It was presented to the Board of Trustees and approved at its February 2011 meeting. The plan builds on the considerable success we have experienced over the past three decades, and at the same time, emphasizes directions and priorities that will enhance our programs, resources and services.

The goals contained in this plan focus on several key areas: 1) delivering quality, reputation and value; 2) providing 21st century infrastructure and practices; 3) anticipating and adapting to changing economic market realities; 4) establishing the College as a leader in international education; 5) remaining open to change and by pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities; 6) promoting Endicott as a national leader in the design and delivery of internship opportunities; and 7) identifying new academic initiatives and degrees to advance the College’s image, financial strength, student base and donor appeal. The plan recognizes and supports both undergraduate and graduate education as integral to the delivery of our mission.

Members of the Endicott community have been assigned specific strategic initiatives for which they are responsible. By assigning responsibility and having high expectations, we will keep the plan alive and the goals will help to guide the institution over the next ten years. Naturally, the plan will require adjustment as unforeseen events change the institution. The Committee will annually review the status of the plan and make modifications as necessary.

I encourage you to read the plan closely and I thank the members of the Endicott College community for their fine work in producing this thoughtful and comprehensive strategic plan for the College.


Richard E. Wylie

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