Mar 24 2014

Excelimmune, Endicott College & NSIV: The Promise of Partnership

by Rosemary Brutico

When Endicott College was conceptualizing a new science center in 2012, the college made a critical decision to build a facility that would exploit one of the fastest growing sectors in Massachusetts, particularly on the North Shore – the life sciences. To that end, the college built a 2,000 square-foot laboratory that would accommodate between one and three startup companies as a STEM incubator. In September 2013, The Ginger Judge Science Center opened its doors.

The opening of the science center presented an opportunity for Endicott College and North Shore InnoVentures to exercise a partnership that had been developing as far back as the planning and building of The Ginger Judge Science Center. North Shore InnoVentures (NSIV) is a nonprofit business technology incubator committed to helping early-stage entrepreneurs in the life sciences and cleantech sectors grow into thriving businesses. It was this relationship that led to Excelimmune becoming the first tenant of the STEM incubator suite at Endicott College this past January.

The Science Center’s First Tenant: An early-stage biotech company, Excelimmune was in the throes of down-sizing its operations and looking for new and affordable lab space. At the same time, Excelimmune was working with NSIV to re-focus its business model and strategies. An introduction to Dr. Gene K. Wong, Dean of Arts & Sciences at Endicott, proved fortuitous for Excelimmune:  The Ginger Judge Science Center offered the ideal lab space for Excelimmune’s needs.

 Dr. Wong notes, “Excelimmune is a perfect first tenant of our STEM suite: The company has given us a generous equipment donation, and we have been able to give them access to our facilities. In addition, our students are very excited about the potential internship opportunities that Excelimmune brings to campus.” 

 Martha Farmer, CEO and president of NSIV sums it up. “Excelimmune is a fine example of how partnerships should and can work when each party brings its strengths and expertise to the table to the benefit of all parties concerned. We’re so pleased that Excelimmune is benefitting from the exciting partnership between Endicott College and NSIV.”  

About Endicott College

Located in Beverly, Massachusetts on 235 acres of oceanfront property, Endicott College offers doctorate, master’s and bachelor degree programs in the professional and liberal arts. Founded in 1939, Endicott provides an education built upon a combination of theory and practice, which is tested through internships and work experience.  Studying at the Beverly campus, regionally, and internationally are approximately 2,400 undergraduate and more than 2,600 adult and graduate students. For more information, visit

About Excelimmune

Excelimmune develops treatments for life-threatening and debilitating diseases, utilizing its novel ACT (Antibody Combination Therapeutics), the next generation of antibody therapeutics that will combat monotherapy-resistant diseases. For more information, visit

For more information on North Shore InnoVentures (NSIV), visit

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