Institute for Behavioral Studies

Testimonial: Jacquelyn Casey, Special Education in ABA and recently BCBA certified 

"I could not be happier with my experience with Endicott. I felt very supported by my advisor as well as by all of my professors, who also have served as great resources to connect with even now, having completed the program. Additionally, the option to take courses at a satellite campus with some online availability definitely made completing this program manageable. My experience at Van Loan indisputably prepared me for my career. Van Loan stands out compared to other programs as it offers a unique combination of coursework to prepare those in the special education field who are interested in working with students who benefit from the principles of ABA and those that may engage in challenging behavior.  I feel strongly that this program is an excellent fit for anyone looking to pursue a career teaching students with exceptional learning needs as well as for anyone aspiring to become a BCBA in a school system."

General Information

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