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Public Safety Department Roster

Charles J. Femino
Chief of Police
and Director of Public Safety

Captain Kerry Ramsdell
Assistant Director
RAD Instructor
Lieutenant Barry Leeds
Patrol Operations Supervisor

Bryan Karsis
Office Manager

Officer Kimberlee D'Orazio
Parking & Traffic Office

Sergeant Jeremy Cole, Shift Supervisor, EMT, Armorer
Sergeant Jason Erickson, Shift Supervisor, RAD Instructor
Sergeant Bill Theriault, Shift Supervisor
Sergeant Mike Welch, Shift Supervisor

Officer Liisa Burk, Event & Detail Coordinator
Officer Cameron Fahey
Officer Matthew Greeley
Officer Steve McInnis
Officer Rick Melanson
Officer Brad Mickle, RAD Instructor
Officer Alan Moulaison
Officer Jay Pallazola
Officer Tom Shute
Officer Bobby Stone
Officer Michael Sungy

Officer Bob Allen
Officer Robert Schale

Officer Justin Lindahl
Officer Mike Nicolo
Officer Tim Sears
Officer Stephan Jean-Pierre
Officer Emil Steeves



Dispatcher Tony Miranda

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