Dr. Malcolm Patterson, Associate Dean for Graduate Education
School of Van Loan School

Career educator with 33 years of service to Massachusetts Public Schools: 17 years as teacher & principal and 16 years as Massachusetts school superintendent.  In addition, served 7 years as professor and program dean for the undergraduate and graduate teacher preparation programs at Gordon College and, since July 1, 2008, now serves as Associate Dean and Professor for Graduate Education at Endicott’s Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional  Studies.  Other experience includes 10 years as a member of the Massachusetts DESE licensure review panel; chaired numerous DESE teacher preparation program approval teams; served as a senior examiner for former Massachusetts Office of Educational Quality and Assessment (OEQA).  Areas of instructional  and research expertise include: adolescent development, school leadership, and educational research.  

Dr. Malcolm Patterson's area of expertise includes: Public education (especially Massachusetts) including: school organization and finance; school and district accountability; student performance and assessment (MCAS); curriculum frameworks; school reform; teacher preparation, licensure, and testing; classroom management; student learning styles & instructional methods; child and adolescent development issues; middle schools; student bullying; violence; school security; crisis intervention planning; special education: funding issues, school responsibilities, IEPs, program placement, parent/student rights, and child advocacy

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