Dr. Aron Viner, Professor
School of Business

Professor of Business, Aron Viner received his Ph.D. from the London School of Economics and Political Science. As a graduate student in economic anthropology, he conducted two years of fieldwork among former tribal cannibals, the Pakpak of North Sumatra, and among Malay fishermen in Eastern Malaysia. After receiving the PhD, Dr. Viner did work in Southeast Asian development economics followed by postdoctoral research and study at Harvard University. After teaching for several years at New College of the University of South Florida, he moved to Tokyo where he worked as an economist and international marketing strategist for a major securities firm. Subsequently, he established a consulting firm in Cambridge Massachusetts, serving corporate clients in Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. Dr. Viner consults on problems of change management, global marketing strategy and international mergers and acquisitions. His book, Inside Japanese Financial Markets, published by The Economist (and by Dow Jones-Irwin in the United States) was named one of the ten best business books of the year by the Best of Business Quarterly. He is the author of several other books and dozens of articles concerning Japanese finance, corporate governance and international affairs in East Asia and the United States. His broad cross-disciplinary and international experience enable Dr Viner to teach a variety of business courses at both the graduate and undergraduate level where the emphasis is on integrating and applying a multi-functional perspective as a global manager.  

Dr. Aron Viner's area of expertise includes: international business and every country in Asia

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