Dr. Richard Nastasi, Professor
School of Sport Science & Fitness Studies

Rich Nastasi received his doctoral degree from the Department of Curriculum and Teaching at Boston University. Previous to his appointment at Endicott, he served as an assistant professor in Human Movement and Sport Sciences at the University of Ballarat in Victoria, Australia and as a lecturer in Curriculum and Teaching at Boston University. His academic interests include: the integration of sport, literature and philosophy into a viable and empowering academic framework, the development and nurturing of a humanistic model for managers and administrators in sporting situations, and the development and nurturing of an inductive, compassion based model for wellness education. Dr. Nastasi has published scholarly articles and commentary in refereed and non-refereed journals, co-edited an international conferences' proceedings and is currently co-authoring a book on the role of compassion in wellness education. He has presented papers at regional and national conferences as well as international presentations in England, Germany and Israel. Dr. Nastasi has given plenary addresses on Character Education and Sport (Australia) and on Scholarship Reconsidered: A Sport Research Perspective (Lisbon). Rich was an athletic director, coach and high school teacher in previous lives. While he once was an intercollegiate basketball and baseball player, he now limits himself to recreational basketball and jogging.

Dr. Richard Nastasi's area of expertise includes: philosophy and sport (issues of cheating, performance enhancing drugs, competition, play as connected as well as opposed to sport), new models of teaching physical education, teaching PE to autistic children, Endicott College's Oratory Society (academic debate, public speaking, and Model United Nations)

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