Julie Baer, Program Assistant / Recruiter
School of Van Loan School

Email: jbaer@endicott.edu
Phone: 857-265-3915
Office Location:
Office Number: Endicott College Boston, 19 Temple Place, 5th Fl
Office Hours: 9-6


ENG099 Introduction to Academic Writing

EC101  Endicott Transitions

Biographical Profile


Julie Baer is Program Assistant, Recruiter, and Instructor at Endicott College Boston. Her work involves all aspects of the program – from admissions and administration, to advising and teaching, to recruiting and outreach, to mentoring interns. At Endicott Boston, she teaches the developmental Introduction to Academic Writing ENG099 and the pre-college Endicott Transitions EC101. In her recruiting work, her experience with nontraditional and immigrant students guides her identification of and outreach to prospective students and community partners. When she is not out visiting high schools, community colleges, and adult learning centers, she is working closely with current students to support their academic, career, and personal development. Prior to joining Endicott, Ms. Baer has served as instructor and advisor at both higher educational institutions and community adult learning centers. She has a Master’s degree in Education in Language and Literacy from Harvard Graduate School of Education and is a visual artist and children’s book author-illustrator.