Gianluca Caterina, Associate Professor
School of Arts & Sciences

Phone: 978-232-2258
Office Location: Judge Science Center
Office Number: 311
Office Hours: TBA


Mth 326 Advanced Statistics
Mth 205 The Mathematics of Music (NEW! Fall 2010)
Mth 126 Applied Statistics
Mth 115 Perspective in Geometry
Mth 135 Calculus
Mth 210 Mathematical Reasoning
Mth 112 Mathematical Problem Solving
Phy 109 Introduction to Astronomy


Ph.D. in Mathematics - Tufts University Department of Mathematics         2007
M.A.  in Mathematics - Tufts University Department of Mathematics         2003
B.S.   in Mathematics - University of Salerno (Italy)                               1997


- Assistant Professor of Mathematics     Endicott College                 2008-present

- Postdoctoral Teaching Associate         Northeaestern University     2007-2008

- Lecturer in Mathematics                     Tufts University                  2006-2007

                                                          Suffolk University



- Financial Adviser                                  Italian Government           1996-2001     

Campus Involvement

  •  International Committee Elected Member (2009/10)
  •  Involvement in the activities of the Math Club at Endicott
  •  Support the work of the tutors at Endicott
  • Accomplishments


    An order-preserving property of additive invariants for Takesue-type reversible cellular automata. Published on Theoretical Computer Science, 2010.

    Consequences of a Diagrammatic Representation of Paul Cohen’s Forcing Technique based on C.S. Peirce’s Existential Graphs. Accepted for publication in the volume “Model Based Reasoning in Science and Technology: Abduction, Logic and Computational Discovery”, Magnani, Carnielli and Pizzi editors. Springer, Heidelberg (Berlin), forthcoming in 2010.

    • A “No-Go” Theorem for the Existence of an Action Principle for Discrete Invertible Dynamical Systems. Published on Physica A, 2008.

    • Integration on fuzzy subsets of the unit circle. Published on Rendiconti di Matematica, 2008.

    • Least Action Principles and Additive Invariants for a Class of Reversible Cellular Automata. Ph.D. Dissertation, Tufts University, 2007.





    • DSFD 2010: 19th Discrete Simulation of Fluid Dynamics Rome (Italy), July 2010

    • Mathfest 2010 Pittsburgh, August 2010

    • Model Based Reasoning ’09 Campinas (Brazil), December 2009 

    • Mathfest 2009 Portland, August 2009

    • DSFD 2007: 16th Discrete Simulation of Fluid Dynamics Banff(Canada), July 2007 

    • Dynamics Days 2007 Boston, January 2007