Donna Buonopane, GPS Adjunct
School of Van Loan School

Office Location: Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies

Office Hours: By appointment


EDL 715 Research Methods I: Qualitative

SPN 567 Mathematics and Science for Diverse Learners

SPN 579 Developing Mathematical Ideas through Application (K-8)

Biographical Profile

Donna M. Buonopane is an Associate Professor at Endicott College’s Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies.   She earned a Ph.D. in Educational Administration from Boston College in 2006 and a M.Ed. and B.S. in Education from Lesley University.  She conducted the internal evaluation of Keys to Degrees, a residential single parents program, while also working with staff on outreach to other higher education institutions and foundations.  Dr. Buonopane worked on the proposal stages of the college’s doctoral program in Educational Leadership which was approved by the MA Department of Higher Education in December 2011. 


Prior to her employment at Endicott College she was the founder/principal of DMB Consulting & Associates, an educational consulting practice that specializes in external program evaluations and professional development in mathematics for K-8 teachers/administrators and a senior research associate at PERG (Program Evaluation and Research Group, Lesley University). 


Dr. Buonopane specializes in qualitative research and evaluation, with a focus in mathematics education and leadership in K-8 education. Her expanding interests include programs and non-profits that serve women, children, and education.



Research Interests:

Women and children's economic and educational opportunities

K-8 teachers:  teaching and learning mathematics

K-8 administrators:  leadership and mathematics education