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Biographical Profile


I painted apartments in NYC

and went to acting school

then NYU for a masters degree

where my bicycle was stolen

at Washington Square Park.

I drove a taxi and continued

to paint and did some writing.

In 1987, I started a painting

business in Massachusetts

and got a teaching job

at this college. After a year

I was teaching full-time,

creative writing

and some literature.

I still love teaching.

I ride my bike to school

every day.

--Dan Sklar


Dan Sklar teaches creative writing and inspires his students to love language and to write in an original, natural, and spontaneous way. Some recent publications include Poetry East, Harvard Review, Square Lake, Rhino, July Literary Press, Paper Street, Atlanta Review, the English Journal, the New York Quarterly, Kenning Journal, redbridge: Writing that risks, Barbaric Yawp, which nominated "Mythology" for a Pushcart Prize, The Art of the One-Act, The American Dissident, and Ibbetson St. Press. He is also advisor for the Endicott Review. In September 2008, Ibbetson Street Press published his book of new and selected poems, Bicycles, Canoes, Drums. His play, "Lycanthropy" was performed at the Boston Theater Marathon in May 2012 and was reviewed in the Boston Globe. In April 2013, his play Hack License  will be performed at the Actors Studio in Newburyport, MA.


Comraderos Americana: Scenes from the Lives of Walt Whitman and Henry David Thoreau and When the Met    A Full-Length Comedy by Dan Sklar

Flying Cats (Actually Swooping)   A Book of New and Selected Poems and Stories and One-Act Plays by Dan Sklar

You-Do-It Creative Writing Kit: Ideas for Writers, Novices, and Teachers: A textbook by Dan Sklar