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ENG102 Introduction to Literature

ENG225 Literary Criticism and Interpretation

ENG260 Gothic Literature

ENG306 British Literature

ENG313 World Literature

ENG365 Shakespeare

ENG489 Senior Thesis I

ENG490 Senior Thesis II

HON200 Honors Seminar III



Associate Professor of English, Endicott College, 376 Hale St, BEVERLY, MA, 01915 • USA

PHONE (978) 232 2973 • E-MAIL




June, 2000: Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, Cambridge/RSA., International House, Cairns, North Queensland, Australia.

June 1998: Doctor of Philosophy, James Cook University (Australia).  Thesis Topic: The Efficacy of Theories of Hybridity in Post-colonial Writing.  Examiners: Associate Professor Helen Tiffin (University of Queensland), Dr Jon Mee (Oxford University, UK), Dr Anne Maxwell (Monash University, Melbourne).

April 1990: Bachelor of Arts with Honors (First Class), James Cook University. Thesis Topic: H. Rider Haggard and the Contradictions of Colonial Romance.



Professional experience:



2000-Present: Associate Professor (full time faculty), Endicott College, Beverly, Massachusetts, USA.  Classes Taught: HON200 2nd Year Honors Seminar, ENG101 College Writing Seminar, ENG102 Intro. to Literature, ENG225 Literary Criticism and Interpretation, ENG260 Gothic Literature, ENG306 English Literature, ENG313 World Literature; ENG365 Shakespeare, ENG 498/490Senior Thesis I & II.

1999-2000: Visiting Professor, Endicott College. Classes Taught: English Composition I and II, and Topics in Literature - "Happy Families." 

1998-1999: Professor, Instituto Tecnologico Y De Estudios Superiores De Monterrey, Mexico City, Mexico ("Tec de Monterrey", as it is commonly known, is Mexico's largest University, with twenty-six campuses nationwide). Classes Taught: Advanced and Intermediate English Composition, Intermediate Creative Writing. Film and Literature Studies.

1997-1998: Adjunct Professor, Endicott College, Mexico City Campus.  Classes Taught: English Composition I and II, two Written English Composition Summer Schools and a Professional Business Writing Course - "Written Business English for Executives."

1991-1997: Graduate (Ph.D.) student at James Cook University of North Queensland. Teaching Assistant in the following courses: EL3037: Critical Theory, EL1010: Effective Writing, EL1000: English Literature 1, EL2000: Nineteenth Century Literature

Australian Academic Year 1990: Half-time Lecturer/Tutor at James Cook University in the following courses: TH1000: Intro. to Drama, TH2001: Drama for Children, TH2002: Shakespearean Theatre.



Conference and Seminar Papers




May, 2007: Conference workshop (half day), co-presenter “Preparing Faculty to Lead Short Programs Abroad”, NAFSA Annual Conference, Washington D.C. 

March, 2007: NeMLA (North East regional Modern Languages Association) Conference, Baltimore, MD. 

May, 2006: Conference workshop (half day), co-presenter “Preparing Faculty to Lead Short Programs Abroad”, NAFSA Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN. October, 2005: Conference workshop, co-presenter “Preparing Faculty to Lead Short Programs Abroad” (abridged version), NAFSA Regional Conference, Sugarloaf, ME. 

May, 2005: Conference workshop (half day), co-presenter “Preparing Faculty to Lead Short Programs Abroad,” NAFSA Annual Conference, Seattle, WA. 

April, 2005: Conference paper, “Don’t Leave Home (without it)”: Fear and Ideology in 21st Century Travel Catalogs,” Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Annual Conference, San Diego, CA. 

April, 2004: Conference paper, “Looking for Evidence of Us: The Teleological Construction of the World in Time-Life’s World Library Series,” Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX. 

April, 2003: Conference paper, ‘That's not a Knife: Australian Cinematic Constructions of “America,”’ Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA. 

October, 2001: Conference paper, "Not in Front of the Children: Packaging Inter-American Relationships for the Popular Audience."  UDLA Congress of the Americas, Puebla, Mexico. 

April, 2001: Conference paper, "Celluloid Arts: The Reel (Re)presentation of the Artist in (Fictional) Twentieth Century American Film."  PCA/ACA Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA, USA. 

April 1996: Seminar paper, "Contemporary Semiotics of the Cult of the Tattoo." JCU English Department Postgraduate Seminar. 

December 1993: Conference paper, "White Man's Burden: Academic Anxiety and 'Solutions' to Post-colonialism" at the "Voices of a Margin" Conference, University of Central Queensland, Rockhampton. 

July 1993: Seminar paper, "Some Observations on Australian Post-colonialism since Mudrooroo's Writing from the Fringe." James Cook University English Department Postgraduate Seminar.






 "Travel Catalogs".  In September 11 in Popular Culture: A Guide.  Sara Quay and Amy Damico, eds.  Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood, 2010. 45-47.

The Cultural History of Reading, (Vols. 1 The World, & 2 The United States) with Sara Quay Ph.D. Greenwood, 2008.

"Hybridity as Agency for the Post-colonial Migrant: Bharati Mukherjee's Jasmine and Sara Suleri's Meatless Days."  Kunapipi. 21.1 (1999): 60-70

"Tex Mex vs Mex Mex: Que en los Diablos es un Taco Concha?" LiNQ 24.2 (1997): 78-80.

"Post-Post-colonialism?: Review of Anne Brewster's Literary Formations: Post-Colonialism, Nationalism, Globalism." LiNQ 23.2 (1996): 93-5.

"White Man's Burden: Academic Anxiety and 'Solutions' to Post-colonialism." Voices of a Margin: Proceedings of the Voices of a Margin Conference.  in Leonie Rowan and Jan McNamee (eds). Rockhampton: University of Central Queensland Press, 1995.

"Embarrassing Origins: Colonial Mimeticism and the Metropolis in V.S. Naipaul's The Mimic Men and Sam Selvon's Moses Ascending." LiNQ 20:2 (1993): 68-77.

"In Search of Cultural Authenticity: The 1991 Travelling Film Festival." LiNQ 19:2 (1992): 145-8.



Study Abroad Programs



Jan, 2005: Three week student internship program in Madrid, Spain.

Jan. 2001: Three-week student service project in San Francisco, CA.

Jan, 2000: Three-week student Community Service program in Puebla, Mexico.

2004: Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching, Endicott College Alumni Assoc.

1997: Postdoctoral Publishing Grant. Awarded by James Cook University.




Campus Involvement

Equestrian Team

Intercultural Club

Class of 2004, Class faculty liason officer

Recording Secretary, ECFA (Endicott College Faculty Association), 2003-2006

President, ECFA, 2007-8

Biographical Profile

Gabrielle Watling came to Endicott from Australia, via Mexico. She has a Ph.D. in Post-Colonial fiction from James Cook University and teaches College Writing Seminar, Literary Criticism, Shakespeare, British Literature, World Literature and Senior Thesis I and II. Her research interests include feminist literary criticism, reading history, U.S./World relations, and Post-Colonial literature and theory. She enjoys working with international students, is active in the equestrian team and is a keen supporter of College and New England sports teams.