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Academic Resources

Greg April Media Services Coordinator

Kent Barclay Associate Dean of Academic Technology

Kathleen Barnes Vice President and Dean of Academic Resources and Student Persistence

Kathy Bloomfield Director, Student Support Center

Janet Burt Adjunct Faculty Arts & Sciences/Learning Consultant Academic Resources

Amy Cohn Tutor

Eileen Coleman Learning Consultant

Brian Courtemanche Director

Bridget Cunio Reference Librarian

Catherine Davison Learning Consultant / Education-Adjunct

Cindy Demers Learning Consultant

Michael Deneen Adjunct / Learning Consultant

David DiSarro Associate Dean, Academic Resources & Director of The Writing Center

Linda Emma-Healey Learning Consultant

Heidi Fox Learning Consultant

Christine Galatis Associate Director, Disability Services

Laura Goldman Learning Consultant

Ellen Goldstein Tutor

Lianne Haughey Learning Consultant

Ryan Heidorn Academic Technology Systems Manager

Julie Jensen Tutor

Tia Kelley Digital Media Specialist

Audrey Koke Reference Librarian

Katie Krathwohl Learning Consultant

Thomas Majkut Media Services Technician

Stephanie McGowan Learning Consultant / Adjunct Faculty Arts & Sciences

Allison Muise Associate Director, Tutoring Center and Advising Services

Sherrie Lynne Otterbein Learning Consultant

Nancy Plunkett Learning Consultant

Kathleen Robinson Learning Consultant

Kristyl Roderiques Coordinator of Library User Services

Elizabeth Roland Reference Librarian

Patricia Shepherd Tutor

James Sliva Assistant Systems Manager

John Spencer Adjunct and Tutor

Sarah Tarr Technical Services Assistant

Elizabeth Uhring Learning Consultant

School of Arts & Sciences

Alefiya Albers Assistant Dean of Social Sciences

Samuel Alexander Assistant Professor

Lynn Atkinson Adjunct

David Bader Assistant Professor

Terri Beckett Professor

Hugo Burnham Adjunct Faculty

Janet Burt Adjunct Faculty Arts & Sciences/Learning Consultant Academic Resources

Mari Butler Associate Professor

Gianluca Caterina Associate Professor

Michael Deneen Adjunct / Learning Consultant

Michael Diehl Associate Professor

Beverly Dolinsky Professor

Karen Edwards Professor

Henry Feild Assistant Professor

Deborah Finkelstein Adjunct

Amanda Finnegan Academic Coordinator, School of Arts & Sciences

Rocco Gangle Associate Professor

Wayne Gatlin Bio Lab Coordinator

Dylanie George Internship Coordinator and Assistant Professor, Experiential Learning

Michael Gerber Adjunct Faculty Arts and Sciences

Charlotte Gordon Associate Professor

Doug Holder Adjunct Faculty

Sergio Inestrosa Professor

Robert Jerin Professor

Jessica Kaufman Assistant Professor

John Kelley Associate Professor

Michael Kilburn Professor

Vitaly Kozyrev Associate Professor

Bram Lutton Assistant Professor

Melvin Manson Jr. Professor

Thomas Mazzarini Adjunct

Marie Mello Administrative Assistant

Dana Monsein Assistant Professor

Jason Nichol Assistant Professor of Bioengineering

Michael Ocean Assistant Professor

Richard Ochberg GPS Adjunct

Ashlie Perry Assistant Professor

Cheryl Reed Adjunct

Devin Rozansky Internship Coordinator and Assistant Professor, Experiential Learning

Anne-Marie Scholer Professor

Joyce Shaw Associate Professor

Daniel Sklar Professor

John Spencer Adjunct and Tutor

Anna Suranyi Associate Professor

Christopher Tripler Associate Professor

Gabrielle Watling Professor

Gene Wong Dean, School of Arts & Sciences

William Young Associate Professor

School of Business

Catherine Butler Internship Coordinator, Assistant Professor

Cynthia Caruso Assistant Professor

Robert Chambers Professor

Catherine Matook Administrative Assistant

John Mussachia Professor

Michael Paige Dean of Business

Joseph Pelich Adjunct Faculty

Anthony Rauseo Adjunct

Brenda J. Smith Director, Center for Entrepreneurship

Heather Stachtiaris Adjunct Faculty

Aileen Torrance Assistant Dean

Richard Weissman Director Endicott College Gloucester/Director The Center for Leadership/Assistant Professor

Marie Wilson Internship Coordinator and Assistant Professor, Experiential Learning

School of Communication

Amy Damico Professor

Laurel Hellerstein Dean School of Communication

Randall Livingstone Assistant Professor

Cherie Lynch Internship Coordinator

Eleanor Pye Director, Digital Media Center

Todd Wemmer Assistant Professor

Melissa Yang Associate Professor

School of Education

Autumn Green Director, Replication for Keys to Degrees

Mary Hatton Adjunct Faculty

Kathleen McLaughlin Associate Professor

Michelle Mustone License Assessment Coordinator

Anthony Pastelis Associate Professor

Sara Quay Dean of Education and Director of the Endicott Scholars Program

School of Hospitality Management

Suzanne Bagnera Assistant Professor

Patrick Cornelissen Director of Operations, Event and Conference Services

Brendan Cronin Operations Manager, Assistant Professor

Linda Robson Assistant Professor

School of Nursing

Lisa Courcy Assistant Professor

Deborah D'Avolio (Davolio) Professor, Director PhD Program in Nursing

Diane Ferguson Assistant Professor

Cynthia Fichera Assistant Professor

Kelly Fisher Dean

Anne Marie Grimes Clinical Coordinator

Nancy Meedzan Associate Professor

Kathleen Rathbun Lab Coordinator

Emily Smith Associate Director of Master’s Nursing Program

School of Sport Science & Fitness Studies

Judith Clayman Professor

Elizabeth Donahue Assistant Professor

Dina Gentile Professor

Ann Manzi Adjunct Faculty

Richard Nastasi Professor

Deborah Swanton Dean

Patricia Swisher Administrative Assistant

Boyun Woo Assistant Professor

School of Van Loan School

Michael Andreas Director of Homeland Security Studies

Julie Baer Program Assistant / Recruiter

Michael Barker GPS Adjunct

Edward Biggs GPS Adjunct

Denise Blanchette GPS Adjunct

Donna Buonopane GPS Adjunct

Maureen Burns Coordinator, Adult & Graduate Admissions

Martin Chatterton GPS Adjunct

Myoung Joo Chun Director of Graduate Interior Design Programs

Robert Connors GPS Adjunct

Susan Crawford Administrative Assistant

Alyssa Czarnecki-Duplissie Associate Director, Graduate Athletic Administration

Michael Dorsey Director, Institute for Behavioral Studies

Sarah Emond GPS Adjunct

Eric Estevez GPS Adjunct

Kelly Fisher Dean

Daniel Florent GPS Adjunct

Jo Ann Gammel Director of Doctoral Program

John Hiduchick-Nakayama GPS Adjunct

Mary Huegel V.P. & Dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies

Dario Iruegas Assistant to the Dean, Madrid

Michael Maginn GPS Adjunct

Wendy McSweeney Director of Marketing and Recruitment, GPS

Stephen Michael Negron Assistant Registrar, GPS

Richard Ochberg GPS Adjunct

Elizabeth Otto Fagan Assistant Director, Graduate Programs

Richard A. Pacheco, Jr. Dean, Endicott College Madrid; M.Ed Program Director for Spain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Thailand

Malcolm Patterson Associate Dean for Graduate Education

Gordon Plutsky Adjunct

Gordon Plutsky Adjunct

Chrystal Porter Associate Dean of the Graduate School

Debra Smith Director, PERG

Emily Smith Associate Director of Master’s Nursing Program

Bruce Stanley GPS Adjunct

John Taylor GPS Adjunct

Henry Theberge GPS Adjunct

Michael Thomassen GPS Adjunct

Richard Weissman Director Endicott College Gloucester/Director The Center for Leadership/Assistant Professor

Catherine Woodbury Cashier/Assistant to the Assistant Bursar

Thomas Zane Director of Applied Behavior Analysis Online Program

School of Visual and Performing Arts

Sarah Bischoff Assistant Professor

Margaret Black Adjunct Faculty

Clara Bohan Arts Assistant

Andrew Brody Associate Professor

Sarah Campernel Assistant Professor

Danielle Currier Professor

Krystal Demaine Assistant Professor

Kathleen Desmond Professor

Dena Gilby Professor

Rebecca Kenneally Chair, Performing Arts

Eleonora Lecei Adjunct Faculty

Kathleen Moore Visual Arts Coordinator

Kevin Renz Associate Dean of Interior Design & Sustainable Design

Cynthia Roberts Associate Professor

Nicole Sao Pedro-Welch Dance Coordinator/Head Dance Team Coach

Mark Towner Dean

Lawrence Volk Associate Professor