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Welcome to the Web Development Sitecore Resource Page. Maintaining the Endicott website is a team effort. For you as a content editor this means focusing your attention on your area of responsibility for the website. At certain times of the year more of your attention is required. The weeks prior to each semester is one such period of time. Now is a critical time for you to review and update content, along with reestablishing your role as a content editor. Here are some things for you to consider and to perform:

    • Review your pages to make sure that all content is up-to-date
    • Remove content that is dated
    • Check your links (both in the navigation bar and within pages)
    • Review the keywords and description section of each page in Sitecore to see that they are accurate vis-vis the current content – “you” can improve your SEO (search engine optimization)
    • Make sure that you are receiving information from your content providers – facultystaff, students, alumni
    • Review your SiteImprove reports to improve your pages broken links, spelling, etc.



New Sitecore Resources 

Submit Requests for new pages, navigation, etc. to Web Development:

Web Help:

Having trouble navigating the new website? Use this webpage as a guide! EC Web Guide

Videos & Guides for Content Editors and Writers

Start with: Steps to setting up Components, Creating Data Sources; Feature Box; Social Media; Announcements; Rich Text; and Galleries.  Web Resources PPT 1-24-14

- Academic School Images - How to use the Gallery Component
- Department Images - Image Resizing Instructions
- Choosing Zenfolio Images - Endicott Navigation Order
- Choosing Photos in Image Gallery - Endicott College Style Guide (draft)
- Opening a Private Browsing Window in Chrome - Academic School Training Slides - Find Programs
 - Department Training Video - 12/2013 User Friendly URLS and Aliases User Friendly URLs and Aliases: download here

The document provided above contains shortcut URLs and aliases for the edu website. Please test any URL or alias before using it! Report any broken links, undocumented URLs or aliases, or any other issues to

Other Information that you might find interesting

Common Web Terms

Facebook page
home page
Internet (capitalize)
log in, log out (verb)
login (noun)

the web
web page
Twitter feed
World Wide Web

email (or Email at the beginning of a sentence)

Books available in the Endicott Halle Library

The following books are on 'permanent reserve' in the Library under Jeanne Commette.  There is a 2-week loan period.

Content Rules” by Ann Handley             

Content Strategy” for the Web by Kristina Halvorson   

Writing for the Web” by Lynda Felder  

"Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop Elements" (Digital Quick Start Guide) by Michell Perkins

The library keeps these two books at the circulation desk on reserve (meaning they are checked out for two hours in the library).

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2010)

A Writer’s Reference (by Diana Hacker)   6th edition    2009


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