Montessori Learning Concentration

Endicott's flexible, accelerated online degree-completion program is designed with you in mind. The bachelor's degree programs in Liberal Studies and in Psychology draw on arts and humanities, education, business, science, and math to provide a holistic education in perfect sync with the Montessori approach to education.

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As a Montessori teacher, you enrich children’s lives every day. Now, expand your own horizons by earning your bachelor’s degree with Endicott’s Bachelor Degree Completion Program. We at Endicott College know the challenges of balancing work, family and school. Our flexible, online accelerated degree-completion program is designed with you in mind.  

The bachelor's degree programs in Liberal Studies and Psychology round out the education you have already have as Montessori educators with an innovative holistic online program that  draws on arts and humanities, education, business, science, and math.  

Assessment of Prior Learning: Real-life experience that counts towards your degree!
Students may complete a three-credit Assessment of Prior Learning (APL) course, in which they can gain as many as 30 credits towards their degrees by demonstrating understanding and experience gained in their Montessori teaching careers.

Transfer Credits
85 transfer credits from other accredited colleges may be applied to your degree

Concentration Specialization Courses

Culture and Identity
Culture shapes how we make meaning of ourselves and the world around us. This class explores how our identity is impacted by the interplay of our ethnic, class, religion, gender and educational backgrounds. We will explore how we participate in the production of culture through our interactions with others and participation in multiple communities. Special emphasis will be given to understanding how the process of education shapes the larger culture and our own identities.

Education and Democracy
This course explore the design, implementation and evaluation of education policty as a primary means for engaging more active, inclusive and effective approaches to social inquiry and civic participation. Understanding how democracy shapes current educational policy in public, charter and private school setting will be explored. Students work to design innovative, principled, educationally sound and politically feasible responses to significant civic concerns.

Action Research
Action research is a component of reflective practice and professional learning that is grounded in an ethical commitment to improving one’s own teaching. Action research will be introduced as a natural component of a teacher’s professional development and reflective practice. Students will design and conduct action research projects to better understand and improve teacher behaviors, learning outcomes, school improvement, curriculum, professional practice and the democratic principles of education

Introduction to Academic Inquiry
Students will be introduced to inquired based learning skills that will provide the foundation to their years of study at Endicott College. Students will learn the process of investigating an issue by reflecting upon, forming, and defending a position. Course Theme: Intrinsic Motivation in a Montessori Classroom: The Teacher as Learner, what inspires Montessori students and teachers to create a community of learning.

Child and Adolescent Psychology
The course provides a basis for understanding behavioral and psychological development of the child from conception through adolescence. There is also an examination of theory and research pertaining to personality and social and cognitive development.

Introduction to Education
This course is designed to introduce students to the education profession. It will focus on teachers, students, schools, curriculum, pedagogy, and the past, present and future of education. Students will gain knowledge of current educational issues as they relate to the history, philosophy, financing and governance of schools and school systems.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program students will:

- Enhance student writing and critical thinking regarding the Montessori Method

- Develop skills in action research

- Identify and describe intrinsic motivation as it applies to themselves as teachers and students

- Understanding the role of democracy in establishing the current public and private education system

- Assess the influence of culture on educational objectives

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