Business Administration (M.B.A.) / Bermuda

The MBA program is designed for individuals who wish to energize their careers and open doors to new opportunity. Whether it be for advancement in one’s current organization, preparation for a new challenge in another organizational setting, or training for an entrepreneurial venture, the Endicott MBA seeks to be relevant and on the leading edge of the integrated, global economy. The MBA Program Bermuda employs a collaborative, team-based approach to teaching and learning through a blended onsite/online learning platform.

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Program Overview

Through blended and integrated studies, the delivery of the MBA program is based on accelerated model for adult learners and working professionals.

  • Classes meet though a blended and/or online approach to accommodate the schedules of working professionals.
  • Each course enables the cohort to have an opportunity to meet once a week for eight weeks through a blended onsite and/or online structure.
  • Students will further work in virtual study teams, collaborating through online forums and group project portals.
  • Professors work as facilitators employing a participatory approach to engage each student in an active learning process.
  • The delivery process includes theories and concepts for application in the context of actual situations and problems that face the students in their respective professional roles and workplaces.
  • The program can be completed in 22 months.

Program Goals

The MBA program seeks to:

  • Develop managers and business individuals who are effectively prepared to act in the global and technological business environment in an ethical and socially responsible manner.
  • Develop managers and business individuals who have an appreciation for balancing the needs and objectives of a multitude of stakeholders, including employees, customers, the local community, and the natural environment.
  • Foster managers and business individuals who are prepared to become leaders in their respective fields, able to define a clear mission and implement a coherent strategy toward the goals of a business organization and society as a whole.

Students progress through 13 three-credit courses which met virtually/onsite once a week. Each course is comprised of 8 sections. In addition, all students are required to register for three one-credit Business Research Seminars. The 42-credit program can be completed in 22 months.

Program of Study

BUA 510 Accounting from a Manager’s Perspective 3 cr.
BUA 515 Managerial Finance and Decision-Making 3 cr.
BUA 520 Managing in the Evolving Workplace 3 cr.
BUA 521 Financial Reporting and Analysis 3 cr.
BUA 529 Project Management 3 cr.
BUA 535 Managerial Economics 3 cr.
BUA 542 Operations and Logistics Management 3 cr.
BUA 560 Marketing and Customer Value Management 3 cr.
BUA 561 Managing in the Global Business Environment 3 cr.
BUA 581 Managing Information Systems 3 cr.
BUA 582 Business Research Methods 3 cr.
BUA 585 Human Resources in Transition 3 cr.
BUA 587 Business Policy and Strategy 3 cr.
BUA 591 Business Research Seminar I 1 cr.
BUA 592 Business Research Seminar II 1 cr.
BUA 593 Business Research Seminar III 1 cr.
Total degree requirements 42 cr.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the analytical and problem-solving skills needed to solve complex challenges in business.
  2. Understand and be able to use team building, collaborative behaviors, and project management in the accomplishment of group tasks.
  3. Effectively communicate in writing and through oral communication within the conventions of business.
  4. Demonstrate the critical inquiry and analysis skills needed to engage constructively in intellectual discourse within business.
  5. Design, execute and present a personal project, which synthesizes and applies selected knowledge, skills and experiences appropriate to students’ personal and professional goals and/or their chosen area of specialization.
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