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Transfer Students

The Institute accepts applications from students currently enrolled in, or who have previously completed coursework at other accredited graduate programs in Special Education, Applied Behavior Analysis, or other closely related fields of study. The Institute will accept a maximum of two graduate courses, to be used toward the graduation requirements for any one of our programs. Transfer students must complete all Application requirements specified on this web site.

For those students wishing to transfer into one of the programs leading to certification by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB®), those students are cautioned to carefully compare those standards established by the BACB® to qualify to sit for their certification examination as provided in the BACB® Third Edition Task List and the course content provided in Institute's Task BACB® Third Edition List Per-Course document. It is critical that all topics specified on the BACB® Third Edition Task List be covered in one or more of the courses they have completed - either through the Institute or their previous institution.

For students wishing to complete to or less courses to fulfill the requirements to sit for the BACB® Certification examination, must first complete the initial limited application process as specified on the Application Page. Such applicants are also cautioned to make sure that the combination of previously completed coursework and those courses completed through the Institute meet the requirements of the BACB®.

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