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The Institute for Behavioral Studies of Van Loan School at Endicott College will be attending and presenting at the 2016 Annual BABAT Conference hosted by the Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy from October 12-14th at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. The presentation schedule is as follows : 

Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy

Thursday, October 13, 2016

10:00 AM- 11:20 AM 165 Symposium.

Improving Staff Performance and Data Collection Methods. Chair: HELENA MAGUIRE (Melmark New England and Endicott College) Discussant: MARY JANE WEISS (Endicott College)

Increasing and monitoring correct application of adaptive equipment on an individual: Effects of staff training plus feedback. EMILIY CHIN, Amanda Brooks, & Silva Orchanian (Melmark New England)

Increasing Integrity when collecting Inter-Observer Agreement amongst Classroom Staff by using Behavioral Skills Training. RENEE HARTZ (Melmark New England) & Kaitlin Gould (University of Massachusetts Boston)

Comparing Accuracy between Two Data Input Methods. TIMOTHY NIPE (Melmark, Inc. and Endicott College) 

10:00 AM- 11:20 AM 174 Symposium

Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), AKA PBIS: What is the Role of Behavior Analysts? Chair: BOB PUTNAM (May Institute) Discussant: MICHAEL DORSEY (Endicott College)

Development of a multi-tiered behavioral support system in schools: What can it look like? MARCIE W. HANDLER (May Institute),

Ravit Stein (Eastern Connecticut Regional Education Services Center), & Bob Putnam (May Institute)

Scaling up ABA: Understanding the Research and Legislation Supporting the Framework. BOB PUTNAM (May Institute)

Let's Generalize! The Behavior Analyst Role in Supporting MTSS/PBIS. MARCIE W. HANDLER (May Institute) & Mark J. Palmieri (Center for Independence at Center for Children with Special Needs (CCSN) 

2:00 PM- 3:20 PM 162 Symposium

Using the Research Skills You Learned in Graduate School: The Scientist Practitioner Model. Chair: JILL HARPER (Melmark New England and Endicott College) Discussant: MICHAEL F. DORSEY (Endicott College)

The Scientist Practitioner Model and Research Productivity. BRYAN BLAIR (Cape Abilities and Endicott College),

Lesley A. Shawler (Endicott College), Emily A. Debacher (Endicott College), Jill Harper (Melmark New England and Endicott College), & Michael F. Dorsey (Endicott College)

The Current State of the Scientist Practitioner Model in Applied Behavior Analysis. LESLEY A. SHAWLER (Endicott College), Bryan Blair (Cape Abilities and Endicott College), Jill Harper (Melmark New England and Endicott College), & Michael F. Dorsey (Endicott College)

The use of high-carbohydrate foods in the reduction of chronic rumination in an adult with severe developmental disabilities: A systematic replication. ANNIE BARLOW (Amego Inc.), Paul Mahoney (Amego Inc. and Endicott College), Tina Rosario (Amego Inc.), Eve DiPietro (Bi-County Collaborative), & Michael F. Dorsey (Endicott College)

Decrease spitting through matched reinforcement. ANNA LINNEHAN (Melmark New England), Krista Myers (Melmark New England), & Jill Harper (Melmark New England and Endicott College)

4:50 PM  Symposium

Chair: GREGORY I. YOUNG (Franciscan Hospital and Endicott College) 

Increasing Compliance with the Wearing of Multiple Prescription Prosthetics. TIMOTHY A. NIPE (Melmark, Inc. and Endicott College)

Increasing Variety of Food Presented and Consumed. SAMANTHA R RUSSO (Melmark and Endicott College), Jennifer Croner (Melmark), Samantha Smith (Melmark), & Meaghan Chirinos (Melmark)

Craniosynostosis: Early Identification with the Application of Applied Behavioral Analysis. ELIZABETH KIRBY (Futures School and Endicott College)

Applied Behavior Analysis in Pediatric Oncology: A Review. LESLEY A. SHAWLER (Endicott College)

Friday, OCTOBER 14, 2016 10:00 AM- 11:20 AM 168 Symposium.

Implementing Behavior Analytic Interventions in the Community. Chair: THOMAS ZANE (Endicott College) Discussant: MARY JANE WEISS (Endicott College)

A Systematic Evaluation and Programmed Generalization of Reinforcement Schedules in the Community. LAUREN PALMIERI and Jennifer Quigley (Melmark)

A Comparison of Treatment Options to Decrease Challenging Behavior in the Community. SAMANTHA R RUSSO (Melmark and Endicott College), Krystina Cassidy (Melmark), & Jarrett Cutsler (Melmark)

Tidbits for Community Based Training (CBI): The End of Generalization As We Know It. GLORIA SATRIALE (PAAL), Kaitlin Ross (PAAL), Jessica Zawacki (PAAL), & Thomas Zane (Endicott College)

Response Competition and Response Interruption and Redirection (RIRD) as Treatment for Vocal Stereotypy. LESLEY SHAWLER (Endicott College), Mia Dianda (Easter Seals, Oklahoma), Timothy Fechter (California State University, Sacramento), & Caio Miguel (California State University, Sacramento)

The Institute for Behavioral Studies of Van Loan School at Endicott College and the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies hosted the 4th Annual "Ethics in Professional Practice" conference on Friday, August 5, 2016 on Endicott's campus in Beverly, USA. The one day conference featured speakers that included Doctor Aubrey Daniels, Founder & Chairman of the Board, Aubrey Daniels International, Michael Dorsey Professor of Education and Director of the Institute for Behavioral Studies, Van Loan School at Endicott College, Peter Gerhardt, and others. The focus of the conference is to practice in and discuss emerging issues relating to ethics in the fields of psychology, business, autism, and applied behavioral analysis. The "Ethics in Professional Practice" conference was held at Rose Performance Hall at Endicott College's main campus, 376 Hale Street, Beverly, Massachusetts.

Ethics in Professional Practice Poster 

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