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Welcome to the Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies, Institute for Behavioral Studies Online BCBA Certification Program. We are pleased to announce the opportunity for interested persons to obtain their coursework leading to Board Certification in Applied Behavior Analysis (BCBA) within a distance-learning platform.

Why Important?

When considering the most effective treatments for children with autism and other severe developmental disabilities, independent agencies (such as the National Institute of Health) and decades of empirical research have concluded that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the only treatment that has empirical evidence of effectiveness. Our distance-learning program here at Endicott College provides you with intensive training in ABA to prepare you to sit for an international examination to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). The faculty of the Institute is comprised of nationally recognized members of the profession who actively practice Applied Behavior Analysis and bring their practical experiences to the classroom. Those who complete this certification program, and who also attain the required practicum supervision, will be eligible to take the examination.

What's the Content?

The Institute for Behavioral Studies offers a 5-course sequence approved by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB). This program will provide you with the philosophy, tools, and strategies to work effectively with children with autism and others who have developmental disabilities. The strategies and tactics you learn here apply not only to those with severe learning, social, and language challenges, but all learners (e.g., those persons who are typically developing).Ã,  Due to the intensive focus on research-based strategies in the field of ABA, you will be learning both the conceptual framework and specific teaching/intervention strategies that have been proven to be effective with learners with autism and other disabilities. As part of the BACB curriculum, you will acquire skills in assessment and measurement of behavior, research design, evidenced-based practice, functional assessment, and behavior change strategies. The faculty who will teach you are Board Certified Behavior Analysts who have real-world clinical experience working with and doing research on developmental disabilities, particularly autism.

We have developed the five-course sequence (approved by the BACB) as a "hybrid online" program. You will take the first four courses online, through a distance format. For the last course, you will come to the Endicott College campus(north of Boston, sitting on the Atlantic Ocean) for a one-week traditional "face-to-face" class.

In the online distance learning classes, all lectures, student activities, assignments, discussions, and tests are presented through the Endicott web-based course delivery system ("Gullnet") utilizing multimedia, podcasts, video lectures, and real time (synchronous) and not real time (asynchronous) opportunities. You will be actively engaged with your fellow students (from literally around the United States and the world) and the faculty of the courses. We regularly use audio/video conferencing (e.g., Skype and IChat) to personalize the learning experience.

Our online program in Applied Behavior Analysis allows you the freedom and flexibility traditional instruction cannot provide, but still provides you an individualized learning experience that you will find satisfying and highly motivating.

The online certification program involves five courses (see table below for the academic term schedule). The fall and spring courses will be delivered via the internet, as described above. The summer Ethics course will require students to travel to Endicott College and take this course in a traditional, "face-to-face" format.

BCBA Certificate Course Schedule




ED 525: Introduction to Behavior Analysis(3);
ED 534: Measurement (3);

ED 541: Behavioral Assessment (3);
ED 554: Behavior Change (3);

ED 565: Ethics (3);

All ABA courses earn 3 graduate credits and are scheduled for 45 contact hours each in order to meet the BACB requirement for a total of 225 classroom contact hours. Students are responsible for independently securing the supervision required by the BACB to sit for their certification examination. However, students must gain consent for their individual supervisor and must coordinate this process through their Endicott faculty advisor, including providing the required documentation for all supervision sessions. Support in securing such supervision is available through the Gordon College Department of Graduate Studies in Special education.
NOTE: Transfer credits from appropriately accredited university programs will be considered on an individual student basis.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

Individuals who hold a graduate degree in Special Education, Psychology, or a related field and who are seeking certification by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board ( as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) may enroll in this program. Additionally, students holding a bachelor's degree in Special Education, Psychology or a related field and who are seeking certification by the BACB as a Board Certified assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) may also apply to enroll in this course sequence. Such individuals may apply as a special student to complete the five-course sequence of classes to be eligible to sit for the BCBA certification examination.

To apply for the program, go to our Admissions web site.

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