Endicott students and faculty in class

Certificate in Autism

For those students who already possess a Master’s degree and who are interested in only the courses specifically focused on autism spectrum disorders, we offer a 21-credit Certificate in Autism.

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*Gainful Employment Disclosure

Program of Study

Seven-Course Sequence of Classes

AUT 527 Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders 3 cr.
AUT 537
Developing Individualized Goals for Learners with Autism 3 cr.
AUT 570
Understanding and Remediating Communication Deficits in Learners with Autism 3 cr.
AUT 571
Understanding and Remediating Social and Play Skill Deficits in Learners with Autism 3 cr.
AUT 574 Evidence-based Practice 3 cr.
AUT 578 Effective Collaboration Across Disciplines 3 cr.
ABA 584
Measurement and Experimental Evaluation of Behavioral Intervention II 3 cr.
Total requirements

21 cr.


Autism and Face to Face Requirement

Two classes require some face-to-face contact, and are delivered in a hybrid model. The are AUT 578 Effective Collaboration and ABA 565 Ethics. They are offered in 3 day weekend models and in week-long summer intensive models. Each year, AUT 578 is offered in late July and ABA 565 is offered in early August. Students many come to campus one for 2 weeks and entirely fulfill the requirement for face-to-face instruction. Campus housing is available for the summer week-long classes at a low cost. 

Learning Outcomes

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