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Accelerated Teacher Programs

Program Overview

This accelerated, post-baccalaureate licensure program is designed to deliver practical training for prospective teachers in many grade content areas: middle (5–8) and secondary (8–12). The program consists of six courses, including a practicum. Graduates of this program will be eligible for an Initial License in one of the following content areas:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Science
  • English
  • General Science
  • History
  • Humanities
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics/Science
  • Physics
  • Political Science/Philosophy

 3 cr.

Total Requirements: 21 cr. 

Program of Study

Practical pedagogy linked to the candidate’s content area is provided in the following courses:

Accelerated Secondary Education Licensure Program
EDS 502 Effective Classroom Strategies in Secondary Education 3 cr.
EDS 504 Theories of Curriculum Design and Evaluation (pre-practicum) 3 cr.
EDS 510 Practicum Experience: Teacher of Secondary Education 3 cr.
EDS 511 Reflective Seminar: Teacher of Secondary Education 3 cr.
SPN 506 Nature and Needs of Students with Moderate Disabilities 3 cr.
EDS 555 Methods in the Secondary Content Areas 3 cr.
ED 542 Sheltered English Immersion 3 cr.
Total Degree Requirements 21 Cr
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