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Gregory John Walsh '14The Masters in Homeland Security Studies is by far the most impressive program I have ever been involved in. I completed my undergraduate in Emergency Management and further commissioned into the Massachusetts Army National Guard as a Chemical Officer. I then spent time in the field of Homeland Security and Emergency Management in both a military theater of operation as well as part of the Homeland Response Force covering the entirety of FEMA Region One. This work only started my appetite for Homeland Security pushing me to look into furthering my education into the expansive field of Homeland Security. I began looking for a master’s degree involving Homeland Security in early 2012 and was truly surprised when I discovered there was an incredibly impressive program at an austere college only minutes from where I was living. Upon my first interview I knew I needed to be a part this program, driving me to complete the entire application process as fast as I possibly could.

Then orientation with the faculty and students came in September. As I sat in awe of the biographies of the instructors I realized there was no other program like this in the entire country! With amazingly qualified instructors I could not wait to get into the first class and when the time came, it was more than I could have hoped for. A small group environment with open conversation, group discussions, and all of the information I could take in. The classes since then have continued to astound me constantly teaching me new things about the field of Homeland Security, as well as honing several important skills such as briefing, concise writing, and analysis of readings.

Becoming part of this program is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. In the few months that I have been part of it I have seen drastic growth in myself and the other students. I look forward to each class with excitement and strive to get as much out of each instructor and class session as possible. Everything associated with the class is excellently done: the online discussions, reading assignments, class discussions, professor instruction, and cohort collaboration. I am thankful to be involved with such an exceptional program.


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