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Non-Licensure Special Education (M.Ed.)

This program does not lead to teacher licensing in Massachusetts but does prepare students to work with children with moderate disabilities who participate in integrated or self-contained classrooms.

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Program Overview

The program also includes the courses leading to the certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis. This is a unique, advanced-level component that focuses on the application of behavioral principles in addressing the needs of exceptional learners. The program leads to eligibility for the Behavior Analysis Certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

Program of Study

ABA 525 Basic Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis 3cr.
ABA 534 Measurement and Experimental Evaluation of Behavioral Intervention 3 cr.
ABA 541 Behavioral Assessment 3 cr.
ABA 554 Behavior Change Procedures and Systems Supports 3 cr.
ABA 565 Ethical Issues in Behavior Analysis  3 cr.
SPN 500
Special Education Service Delivery and Inclusion Model of Students In Special Education 3 cr.
SPN 501
Methods and Materials for Curriculum Development of Special Education Program 3 cr.
SPN 502 Curriculum Development for Learners In Special Education 3 cr.
SPN 504 Assessment and Educational Planning 3 cr.
SPN 506 Nature and Needs of Students with Moderate Disabilities 3 cr.
SPN 564
English, Language Arts, and Social Science for Diverse Learners 3 cr.
SPN 567
Math and Science for Diverse Learners with Moderate Disabilities 3 cr.
SPN 573 Reflective Seminar 3 cr.
ED 580 Innovative Practices in Education 3 cr.
EXM 699 Comprehensive Exam o cr.
Total degree requirements 42 cr.



Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the ability to collect, analyze, synthesize, and apply measurement data.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of and approach to subject matter of special education.
  3. Demonstrate the acquisition of the knowledge, principles and skills of Applied Behavior Analysis.
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