Athletic Administration (M.Ed.)

The Master of Education in Athletic Administration is a 36-credit program for students interested in careers within educational institutions, including secondary schools, colleges and universities; both non-profit and profit-oriented organizations that offer sport fitness, and wellness services; government agencies such as city recreation departments, state parks, and recreation departments; and sport governing bodies at the state, national and international levels.

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The Master of Education in Athletic Administration is a Non-Licensure Program

Program Overview

The Master of Education in Athletic Administration is a 36-credit program for students interested in careers within educational institutions, including secondary schools, colleges and universities; both non-profit and profit-oriented organizations that offer sport fitness, and wellness services; government agencies such as city recreation departments, state parks, and recreation departments; and sport governing bodies at the state, national and international levels.

This program is based on the belief that learning leads to change, and individuals with the ability to learn and evolve continuously will be successful as leaders or managers in the dynamic environment of the sport industry. In addition to the focus study of athletic administration at the secondary, college and recreational levels, the curriculum will provide students with an in-depth look at the diverse and expanding practice of sport administration in an international context.

The program of study addresses the knowledge and skills in the philosophies of sport as well as all aspects of athletic administration.  Besides completing the core courses, the MAA program allows students to select their own specialization track in accordance with their area(s) of interest.  This makes it possible for students to create a degree that is focused toward their specific motivation.  

Graduates can seek leadership positions in the following areas: secondary sport, college sport, recreational sport, sport marketing, event management, facility management – both home and abroad.

We offer individual advising and with online courses you can schedule your class work around your busy schedule. Our courses are delivered in an asynchronous environment. This means instructors and students do not have to be online at the same time for learning to take place and/or assignments to be completed.


Endicott’s undergraduate and graduate programs awarded maximum accreditation from the COSMA Board of Commissioners

The COSMA Board of Commissioners reviewed Endicott College’s Bachelor of Science in Sport Management and Master of Education in Athletic Administration degrees in February 2015. The review was based on the eight COSMA accreditation principles that require an academic unit/sport management program to show that its program(s) displays excellence in undergraduate sport management education and continuous improvement through COSMA’s developmental approach (June 2010 COSMA Accreditation Principles and Self Study Preparation, p. 1).

On February 12 2015, the COSMA Board of Commissioners determined that Endicott College demonstrated that it meets these principles, that its program is consistent with the continuous improvement and excellence in sport management education that COSMA has established and should receive recognition for a seven-year period up to February 2022.

Commission of Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA). 

Endicott College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

Program of Study

MAA501 Contemporary Issues in Sport 3 cr.
MAA505  Strategic Management and Leadership in Athletic Administration 3 cr.
MAA511  Sport Marketing and Media 3 cr.
MAA560  Financial Resources Management 3 cr.
MAA521 Sport Law and Risk Management  3 cr.
MAA580  Facilities Planning in Sport 3 cr.


Event Planning and Programming

3 cr.


The Impact of Technology in Sport 3 cr.
MAA599 Comprehensive Seminar in Athletic Administration 3 cr.


   Collegiate Level Specialization Track  
 MAA530C  Advanced Topics in College Level Athletic Administration      3 cr.
 MAA540  NCAA Compliance  3 cr.
 MAA545  Psychological Factors Affecting Student-Athlete Performance  3 cr.
 Secondary School and Recreational Specialization Track
 MAA530S  Advanced Topics in Secondary School Athletic Administration  3 cr.
 MAA543  History and Philosophy of Recreation and Leisure  3 cr.
 MAA547  Psychological Factors Affecting Group Behavior  3 cr.
   Global Sport Management Specialization Track  
 MAA530G  Advanced Topics in Sport beyond North America  3 cr.
 MAA542  Structure and Function of the Olympics Games  3 cr.
 MAA548  Psychological Factors Affecting Elite Training and Performance  3 cr.
   General Athletic Administration Track  
  Elective #1 3 cr.
  Elective #2 3 cr.
  Elective #3 3 cr. 
Total credits required 36 cr.

*Order of courses is subject to change

Admissions Requirements

Admission to the Endicott M.Ed. in Athletic Administration requires a Bachelor degree from an accredited college.  To be considered for admission, a candidate must submit the following:

- Completed Application and non-refundable $50.00 application fee
- Two letters of recommendation (one academic and one professional reference is desired)
- Official transcripts of all post-secondary academic work sent directly from the institution(s) including confirmation of undergraduate degree and any other graduate work
- Official score report of either the Millers Analogies Test (MAT) or the Graduate Record Exam (GRE)
- Essay of 250-500 words on career goals and motivation for graduate study
- Interview with the Program, Associate Program Director, and/or Vice Present of the Van Loan School (virtual interviews via phone and/or Skype are often acceptable for out of state candidates)
- Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) for all students whose native language is not English; minimum score of 550(paper-based) or 79 (iBT) is required 

For more information, please visit the Van Loan School Admissions and Registration page.


Here’s a look at the variety of organizational settings one of our graduates could pursue based on their specialization track:

- Educational institutions, including elementary and high schools, colleges, and universities
- Professional sport teams
- Nonprofit organizations that offer sport, fitness, and wellness services, such as YMCA and Boys and Girls Clubs of America
- Profit-oriented firms dealing in sport, fitness, and wellness services
- Corporate fitness and wellness units
- Profit oriented firms providing consulting, legal, agency and marketing services
- Government agencies such as city recreation departments, state parks and recreation departments
- Sport governing bodies at the national and state levels (ie the United States Basketball Association)
- International sport-governing bodies such as the International Federation of Basketball Associations (FIBA) and the Intentional Federation of Football (Soccer) Associations (FIFA)
- Umbrella sport organizations such as the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the U.S. Olympic Committee

Learning Outcomes

- Investigate the interrelationship between sport, culture, and society through an athletic administrator’s lens
- Interpret and analyze the role and responsibilities of human resources, finance, governance, compliance, risk management, operations, technology, and the management, planning, organization, and administration of interscholastic and intercollegiate competition; and recreational athletics.
- Distinguish between key aspects of various athletic administration settings and how an effective manager approaches decision making in these dynamic environments
- Examine the history, philosophy and structure of the Olympic movement as both an origin and a product of the history of sport and human condition  
- Examine the psychological factors that are most critical to athletic performances(s).

The graduate athletic administration program at Endicott College has received specialized accreditation through the Commission on Sport Management Education (COSMA) located in Arlington, Virginia, USA. The athletic administration program in the following degree accredited by COSMA: Master of Education in Athletic Administration with concentration/emphasis in: collegiate level sport, secondary school sport and recreation and global sport management. See the learning outcomes spreadsheet.

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ron carpenter
Ron Carpenter - M.Ed. Athletic Administration

Ron was a four year letter winner, a three year All-Mac winner, an All-American, and was voted to the All-Millennium team in 2000 at Miami University.  Ron Carpenter Graduated from Miami University in 1993 with a major in Urban and Regional Planning, with a minor in Urban Design.  Upon graduation Ron signed a Free Agent contract with the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League where he surprised many by making the team as an un-drafted Free Agent, beating out a three year vet.  After spending one year with the Vikings and the Cincinnati Bengals and two seasons with the New York Jets, Ron finally joined the St. Louis Rams.  Ron and the Rams went on to win Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000 where they beat the Tennessee Titans 23 to 16 in one of the most exciting Super Bowl games ever. 

After that season Ron left the National Football League and continued his career in professional football by playing in the Extreme Football League (XFL), NFL Europe, and the Arena Football League (AFL).  Ron has played in championship games in all four leagues, winning twice; The Super Bowl and the XFL Championship game.     

After his playing days were over, Ron was the defensive backs coach at Princeton High School in Cincinnati, Ohio for 7 years, the defensive backs coach and special team’s coordinator at Central State University in Ohio for two years, as well as defensive backs coach at both Miami University (Ohio), and The University of Central Arkansas.

Through his travels to different leagues and different teams, Ron has seen the various intricacies and daily processes of professional sports franchises, the delicate balance needed to run and coach a successful team, and he has learned how to mesh different personalities within a team to produce a champion.  He knows what it takes to be a winner.

Ron started the Masters of Education in Athletic Administration in August of 2016.  He says, “this program has been a God send.  I have truly enjoyed the program here at Endicott College.  Mr. D’Onofrio has been a great help to me as far as me getting re-acclimated to being back in school after graduating 23 years ago.  I truly appreciate this opportunity.”

Ron has a 21-year-old son by the name of Kamron, a 5-year-old son named Aidan, twin 2-year-old son’s named Aubry and Dawson, and he is married to Tamara Carpenter.