The Intensive, Full-time Program (M.B.A.)

Endicott also offers an option for those individuals who wish to pursue their studies immediately upon graduation. Classes are held in the mornings and afternoons, over a traditional semester format. Students engage in intensive course work and field study during the full-time course of study.

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Program Overview

Full-time study in the MBA program is offered to those with Business degree undergraduate backgrounds, as well as those with Bachelor degrees in other areas. Degree requirements and curriculum content may differ based upon the student’s prior education and experience.

Program of Study

BUA 507 Organizational Behavior 3 cr.
BUA 527 Financial Management and Control 3 cr.
BUA 531 Managerial Accounting 3 cr.
BUA 532 Quantitative Methods for Decision Makers 3 cr.
BUA 535 Managerial Economics 3 cr.
BUA 541 Marketing Management 3 cr.
BUA 562 Management Tools in the E-Business Environment 3 cr.
BUA 578 IT in Management 3 cr.
Total prerequisite requirements 24 cr.

Note: Up to 24 credits of the listed prerequisites may be waived if the student can demonstrate completion of the above courses or equivalent, with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 at the undergraduate level through an official transcript.

Required Curriculum

Fall Semester
BUA 510 Accounting from a Manager’s Perspective 3 cr.
BUA 520 Managing in the Evolving Workplace 3 cr.
BUA 521 Financial Reporting and Analysis 3 cr.
BUA 535 Managerial Economics 3 cr.
BUA 560 Marketing and Customer Value Management 3 cr.
Intersession: January
BUA 508 Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics 3 cr.
ENTP 513 Entrepreneurial Enterprise 3 cr.
Spring Semester
BUA 581 Managing Information Systems 3 cr.
BUA 542 Operations and Logistics Management 3 cr.
BUA 561 Managing in the Global Business Environment 3 cr.
BUA 575 Field Study: Consulting Project Seminar (optional) 3 cr.
BUA 587
BUA 529
Business Policy and Strategy
Project Management
3 cr.
3 cr.

Total required credits (cannot be waived) 36 cr.
Total degree requirements 60 cr.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the analytical and problem solving skills needed to solve complex challenges in business.
  2. Understand and be able to use team building, collaborative behaviors and project management in the accomplishment of group tasks.
  3. Effectively communicate in writing and through oral communication within the conventions of business
  4. Demonstrate the critical inquiry and analysis skills needed to engage constructively in intellectual discourse within business.
  5. Design, execute, and present a personal project, which synthesizes and applies selected knowledge, skills and experiences appropriate to the students’ personal and professional goals and/or their chosen area of specialization.

Admissions Requirements

1. Application and $50 non-refundable application fee.

2. 250-500 word essay explaining your professional goals and reason for pursuing the degree.

3. Resume.

4. Two letters of recommendation.

5. Official transcripts of undergraduate and graduate coursework.

6. Personal interview.

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