Experienced Professional, Evening MBA

The Endicott College MBA for the Experienced Professional is a 42-credit program designed for working professionals who are seeking to further their professional and personal growth, and energize their careers. The program is for those who have a minimum of two years of relevant work experience.

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Program Overview

MBA Evening

Complete your degree in 18 months
Now accepting applications - courses run continuously every 6 weeks

  • Classes meet in Beverly and Boston
  • Choose from 14 specializations
  • 14 courses (42 credits), 10 core and 4 specialization courses
  • Cohort based program
  • Six week, accelerated courses meet one night a week 
  • Optional week-long, international business course in Greece or Mexico
  • GMAT not required


Program of Study  

BUA 510 Accounting from a Manager’s Perspective 3 cr.
BUA 515 Managerial Finance and Decision Making 3 cr.
BUA 520 Managing in the Evolving Workplace 3 cr.
BUA 529 Project Management 3 cr.
BUA 535 Managerial Economics 3 cr.
BUA 542 Operations and Logistics Management 3 cr.
BUA 560 Marketing and Customer Value Management 3 cr.
BUA 581 Managing Information Systems 3 cr.
BUA 585 Human Resources in Transition 3 cr.
BUA 587 Business Policy and Strategy 3 cr.
Specialization Courses 12 cr.
Total degree requirements 42 cr.


Accounting Entrepreneurship Finance General Management
Healthcare Homeland Security Studies Hotel Management Human Resources
International Business Marketing Non-Profit Management Operations Management
Project Management Maritime Economics

Specialization Requirements

To complete a specialization in the following areas, students must complete four three-credit courses (for a total of 12 credits) in the area of specialization.
Specialization requirements for those currently offered are as follows:

ACCT 521 Financial Reporting & Analysis 3 cr.
ACCT 550 Taxation 3 cr.
ACCT 560 Managerial Cost Accounting 3 cr.
ACCT 570 Intermediate Accounting 3 cr.

ENTP 503 Family Business 3 cr.
ENTP 513 Entrepreneurial Enterprise 3 cr.
ENTP 526 Entrepreneurial Marketing 3 cr.
ENTP 530 Entrepreneurial Venture Finance 3 cr.

FNCE 521 Financial Reporting & Analysis 3 cr.
FNCE 560 Evaluating Capital Investments 3 cr.
FNCE 570 Financial Markets & Institutions
FNCE 580 Investments Analysis & Portfolio 
Management 3 cr.

General Management
MGMT 507 Leadership Principles 3 cr.
MGMT 509 Business Ethics 3 cr.
MGMT 527 Creativity and Innovation 3 cr.
MGMT 547 Managing Innovation and Organizational 
Change 3 cr.

HCMT 550 American Health Policy 3 cr.
HCMT 560 Healthcare Finance 3 cr.
HCMT 570 Healthcare Informatics & IT Systems 3 cr.
HCMT 580 Regulation & Strategic Planning 3 cr. 

Homeland Security
HLS 505: Introduction to Homeland Security 3 cr.
HLS 510: Asymmetric Threats to the American 
Homeland 3 cr.
HLS 542: Emergency Management in Homeland 
Security 3 cr.
HLS 577: Special Topics in Homeland Security 3 cr.

Hotel Management
HMT 550 Hotel Facility Design 3 cr.
HMT 560 Hotel Risk Management 3 cr.
HMT 570 Marketing Quality Service in Hospitality 3 cr.
HMT 580 Hotel Revenue Management 3 cr.

Human Resources Management
HRMT 505 Compensation and Benefits 3 cr.
HRMT 511 Human Resource Laws and Compliance 3 cr.
HRMT 517 Organizational and Individual Development 3 cr.
HRMT 522 Recruitment and Selection 3 cr.

International Business
INBS 550 International Marketing 3 cr.
INBS 560 International Business Negotiations 3 cr.
INBS 570 International Business Law 3 cr.
INBS 580 Business & Management in BRIC Countries 3 cr.

MKTG 518 Customer Relationship Management 3 cr.
MKTG 524 Marketing and Product Management 3 cr.
MKTG 531 Sales Force Management 3 cr.
MKTG 553 Digital Marketing 3 cr.

Non-Profit Management
NPPA 550 Managing the Non-Profit 3 cr.
NPPA 560 Marketing & Fundraising in Non-Profits 3 cr.
NPPA 570 Non-Profit Leadership 3 cr.
NPPA 580 Providing Direction for Non-Profits 3 cr.
Operations Management
OPMT 550 High Performance Service Management 3 cr.
OPMT 560 Lean Thinking and 6 Sigma 3 cr.
OPMT 570 Global Logistics 3 cr.
OPMT 580 Global Supply Chain Management 3 cr.

Maritime Economics
MAR 550 Ocean Sciences
MAR 560 Maritime Regulatory Environment
MAR 570 Port and Shipping Operations
MAR 580 Waterfront Planning
 Project Management
PMGT 512 Business Analysis Techniques
used in Project and Program Management 3 cr.
PMGT 523 Negotiation and Conflict 3 cr.
PMGT 525 Program Management 3 cr.
PMGT 528 Scheduling Tools and Techniques 3 cr.

Admissions Requirements

1. Application and $50 non-refundable application fee.

2. 250-500 word essay explaining your professional goals and reason for pursuing the degree.

3. Resume.

4. Two letters of recommendation.

5. Official transcripts of undergraduate and graduate coursework.

6. Personal interview.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the program the student will be able to:

  • Articulate leadership theory for professional application in the professional world.
  • Apply market research, company evaluations, analysis of situations, and recommendations for solutions to a consulting project.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills to articulate current management trends, including cross-cultural and global awareness.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of accounting processes, key financial statements and financial analysis to determine key management decisions quantitatively.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of key aspects of the MBA program, finance, accounting, management and leadership knowledge, research, writing and presentation skills.


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