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Online MBA

The Online MBA puts you in the driver seat. Finish your program in as little as 18 months using the Endicott online learning platform to engage with instructors, submit coursework, and interact with your classmates. Your choice of specializations and personalized advising plans are the hallmark of this program.

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Program Overview

  • Classes are conducted using online platforms in an asynchronous model
  • 14 courses (42 credits), 10 core and 4 specialization courses
  • Personalized advising plans
  • Complete your degree in 18 months
  • GMAT not required

Program of Study

BUA 510

Accounting from a Manager’s Perspective

3 cr.

BUA 515

Managerial Finance and Decision Making

3 cr.

BUA 520

Managing in the Evolving Workplace

3 cr.

BUA 529

Project Management

3 cr.

BUA 535

Managerial Economics

3 cr.

BUA 542

Operations and Logistics Management

3 cr.

BUA 560

Marketing and Customer Value Management

3 cr.

BUA 581

Managing Information Systems

3 cr.

BUA 585

Human Resources in Transition

3 cr.

BUA 587

Business Policy and Strategy

3 cr.

Specialization Courses

12 cr.

Total degree requirements

42 cr.

Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate the analytical and problem solving skills needed to solve complex challenges in business

2. Understand and be able to use team building, collaborative behaviors and project management in the accomplishment of group tasks.

3. Effectively communicate in writing and through oral communication within the conventions of business

4. Demonstrate the critical inquiry and analysis skills needed to engage constructively in intellectual discourse within business.

5. Design, execute, and present a personal project, which synthesizes and applies selected knowledge, skills and experiences appropriate to the students’ personal and professional goals and/or their chosen area of specialization.

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