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Graduate Studies FAQs

Who should apply?
The program’s unique aim is to prepare skilled change agents for small to mid-size organizations in higher education and non-profit agencies. Mid-career professionals seeking to respond to 21st century leadership challenges are encouraged to apply. Our program objective is to develop creative, flexible, entrepreneurial leaders.

Is professional experience required?
Three (3) years of related professional experience is required. Students come with a variety of backgrounds.

Are transfer credits accepted?
Yes, students may transfer up to 6 credits of relevant coursework:

  • Consistent with graduate level work taken for graduate credit
  • Earned within the previous 5 years
  • From an accredited institution
  • For which a grade of B or better was earned. and
  • Which has not been applied toward any other degree.

How much does it cost?
Tuition and fees are paid on a semester basis. 

Books, computer software and computer upgrades to meet your needs as a doctoral researcher, and research materials will add to the bottom line.

Is financial assistance available?
Financial Assistance is available for eligible students through Endicott College. To qualify for financial aid, a student must be a US citizen or eligible non-citizen, be in good academic standing, and be matriculated into the program. The type of aid that is offered to doctoral students is a Federal Stafford loan. Endicott College does not offer any type of scholarships or fellowships for doctoral students at this time. Students may finance their degrees through: support from their employer, personal finances, or private scholarships or fellowships. Many employers provide supplemental leave time for coursework, research and dissertation writing. If you are interested and eligible, a number of adjunct teaching positions may be available in the School of Graduate and Professional Studies at Endicott College.

Please visit our Financial Aid page which details the financial aid application instructions

Do I need a master’s degree to apply?
Yes. All applicants must have a master’s degree from an accredited institution.

Is an entrance test required?
Applicants must submit official scores from either the GRE or MAT. Test scores are valid for five years. We do not require a specific test score, and do not use the test score as a "cutting tool" (i.e., any score above X number is "acceptable;" any number below is not acceptable). Rather, the score is one piece of information in an application portfolio composed of various pieces of information about the applicant that will give us a picture of strengths and weaknesses, from which we can evaluate appropriateness for entry into the program.

Where are classes offered?
Classes will be offered on the Endicott College campus in Beverly, MA, USA. Students will be accepted into a cohort of students each fall and take classes together. Face to face coursework will be supported with on-line work.

What is the delivery format for courses? 
A hybrid delivery model is used to offer maximum flexibility for adult learners. Students work online and also meet face-to-face 7 times for 4 hours to enhance community building and collaboration. 

What technical requirements are there for on-line work?
In order to prepare assignments, participate in on-line activities, access MyEndicott and make use of the library databases, the most important technical requirements are:

  • Access to a high-speed, reliable Internet connection
  • Access to an email address you can check daily An Endicott email address will be assigned to each student for all official school communication.
  • Either a PC or a Macintosh operating system (preferably with 512 MB of memory and a CD-RW drive) and access to an integrated word processor/spreadsheet package, preferably Microsoft Office version 2000 or higher
  • Some form of antivirus software.

How long will it take to earn the degree?
The program is designed for mid-career professionals who work full-time. Students complete the 16 courses, 48 credits of coursework that includes the apprenticeship and dissertation proposal writing, plus the comprehensive exam in three years by enrolling in three terms per year. (fall, spring, summer). In the summer of year three, students should be ready to begin data collection. Dissertation research and writing is an individual process and depends on the time needed by the student. Students register for Dissertation Study, 0 credits and pay the doctoral fee each semester until the dissertation is completed and approved. Students have 7 years to complete the degree.

Is it a lot of work?
Yes. Most people who have earned a doctoral degree will tell you it was worth it.

Is a dissertation required?
Yes, all students will be required to write a research-based dissertation that contributes to the field of educational leadership.

The dissertation is designed to demonstrate the capacity of students to analyze a problem in significant depth, to carry out research, and to articulate research-based implications for practice or policy.

The research problem will involve a specific issue or policy of critical concern in the field. The problem can be drawn from organizational or administrative practice, theories and practices concerning learning and teaching, historical or cultural issues, or public policy. The dissertation will include: a statement of the problem, an analytical review of the literature; a thorough discussion of the research approach and design; a systematic presentation of findings; and an analysis of findings from which implications and recommendations for practice and future research will be based.

What is the Administrative Apprenticeship requirement?
The administrative apprenticeship, a 6-credit course, will be two semesters long and have a minimum of 224 hours of apprenticeship, which will be documented by the student and submitted at the end of the class with the remaining course requirements. Ideally, the apprenticeship will provide the doctoral student entry to a new or expanded career choice. Applied learning, a hallmark of Endicott is also a distinguishing feature in the Ed.D. program. By enrolling in EDL 770-Administrative Apprenticeship and EDL 755 Dissertation Proposal, simultaneously, the student will be able to link their dissertation topic with their apprenticeship experiences.

What is the difference between a Ph.D. and an Ed.D.?
The Ph.D. traditionally emphasizes the development of new knowledge, original research and the validation of theory for individuals planning on a career in research and academia. Ed.D. programs are traditionally viewed as more oriented to practice for individuals who plan on working in the field as practitioners. However, research has shown that the distinction between the two types of degrees is minor. In a 2010 review of the requirements for the Ph.D. in Education and the Ed.D. in a sample of 14 doctoral degree granting institutions in Massachusetts, no discernable differences were found. In the Educational Researcher journal, Shulman et al. (2006) suggest that the Ph.D. and Ed.D. are now so closely intertwined that there is little, if any difference.

The Endicott College Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership is oriented to both theory and practice. We expect our students to apply what they are learning to their own practice settings. Dissertation research focuses on questions of interest to practitioners in the field. Rigorous research methods, developed in a series of research courses, may result in deepening our understanding, advancing theory, and / or changing practice.


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