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Doctor of Education

Endicott students and faculty member in class

Endicott is the first college on Boston’s North Shore to be authorized to award a doctoral degree. With endorsement by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, Endicott College will award a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership to qualified candidates.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Behavioral Analysis


The Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis* is a research-based program of study designed to prepare students for teaching at the university level and/or for work as scientist-practitioners involving business and industry, developmental disabilities (including autism), education, and public policy.

*Pending NEASC approval

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Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing

nursing student

The Ph.D. in Nursing* program is to develop nursing scholars, faculty, leaders and researchers to prepare students to conduct research and advance nursing knowledge development through scientific inquiry. The course of study will emphasize the role of the scholar/researcher, approaches to theory development, multiple methods of research, and the approaches to knowledge development for nursing.

*Pending NESAC approval

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