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Can I take courses to see how I like the program format and content?
Yes, students can take up to 12 credits prior to matriculation or official acceptance into the RN to BSN program.

How are courses offered?
Courses through the Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies are offered on-line, face to face and hybrid. Hybrid courses are a combination of on-line and face to face meetings. Nursing courses are offered in an intensive 4-8 week hybrid format. Support courses may be offered on-line, classroom and hybrid.

Do you take transfer credit?
Yes, a maximum of 85 transfer credits from other accredited colleges may be applied to the Endicott Bachelor degree provided the courses meet the curriculum of the major and the degree. Grades of “C” or better may be accepted and no more than six credits can carry a “C-“grade.

I received my degree in nursing many years ago. Do I need to retake my science courses?
There is no time limit on acceptance of transfer credit.

I have a diploma in nursing, can I still get my bachelors degree?
Yes, if you graduated from an accredited diploma program in nursing, you may be awarded up to 39 credits for nursing courses.

How long will it take me to get my bachelors degree?
Each student is assigned to an academic advisor once they are accepted into the program. The length of time that it takes to receive your degree is dependent on the number of credits in transfer and the number of credits you take each semester. It is possible that you can complete your degree in 18 months if you use Assessment of Prior Learning and transfer in up to 85 credits from accredited institutions.

Is there a clinical component to the program?
There is no clinical component.

I live over an hour away from campus. Will I need to attend classes on campus?
Nursing courses are offered as a hybrid model with part on-line and part face to face meetings. Generally there are 2-4 class meetings per 3 credit course. Classes meet in the evening. Student’s class participation is graded in each course. Support courses are offered on-line, face to face and hybrid formats.

I haven’t written a paper in years. Are there resources available to help with paper writing?
Yes, Endicott College’s Writing Center is available to assist student’s with paper writing, grammar, organizing information and APA format. The writing center is available to all undergraduate and graduate students. You can learn more about the Writing Center.

Is there financial aid or funding available?
Financial aid is available. Please contact the Graduate School financial aid officer, Joanne Rakoc at 978-998-7715 or

I work full-time. Can I still complete the program?
The program is designed for the working professional. Classes are held in the evening and on weekends. The 4-8 week intensive format allows students to continue to work full time while in the program.

I have a bachelor’s degree in another field as well as my RN licensure. What is the best program for me?
If you have your RN and a bachelor’s degree in another field you can take the Premasters pathway at Endicott College. The premaster pathway requires you to take 4 prerequisite undergraduate courses: Nursing Research, Community Health Nursing, Leadership and Management in Nursing and Applied Statistics. If you do the premasters pathway, you are not granted a bachelors degree in nursing. Please visit the Master of Science in Nursing page.
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I am an LPN can I take the RN to BSN program?
No, the RN to BSN program is only for registered nurses who currently hold a license to practice nursing that is current and unrestricted.

The Nursing Program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN), 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, GA 30326


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