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Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes for Freshmen Writing

English 101: College Writing Seminar

On completion of ENG101 (College Writing Seminar), students should be able to:

  • generate ideas through critical reading and a variety of invention strategies such as questioning, journal writing in response to reading, and class deliberation
  • compose thesis statements to guide the organization of substantive, coherent essays
  • use evidence to structure analyses and arguments
  • locate and evaluate source material in preparation for a research paper
  • understand the need for and the principles behind documenting sources, and properly cite sources in MLA, APA or Chicago style
  • revise essays to achieve an introduction that will orient the reader to the subject of the essay, transitions that will guide the reader from point to point, and a conclusion that will both satisfy the reader’s need for resolution and address the importance or further implications of the essay’s main ideas

  • edit essays to achieve clarity through command of standard English grammar


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