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Writing at Endicott

When students learn how to write, they learn how to think. Writing forms an intersection between two fundamental parts of the Endicott Mission: professional and liberal education. At Endicott, writing extends from the classroom, to the internship site, to extracurricular endeavors and student publications.

In the Classroom and Beyond
Because writing matters for all students across all disciplines, and because it is a skill that cannot be learned in just one course, Endicott gives students the opportunity to write over all four years. Beginning in the first year, students take English 101/College Writing, which introduces them to college-level writing. First year students also enroll in LST100/Seminar in Academic Inquiry, which introduces critical reading across genres through the lens of a common, student-selected theme. In the sophomore year, students explore different types of writing by sampling from Writing Designated courses both within and outside their majors. Junior year helps students make the transition to more rigorous research and writing through the discipline-specific research methods courses. Seniors further develop and showcase their critical writing, reading, and thinking skills through a year-long thesis project. Internship classes, integral to the academic experience, span across students' undergraduate careers and ask them to use writing to analyze and reflect on their internship experiences. Through the internships themselves, students experience writing in the professional setting.

Support and Opportunities
Students receive support from faculty, staff, and peers throughout their process of learning to become better writers. Small class sizes facilitate much one-on-one and small group interaction between faculty and students. Writing Center tutors, peer and professional, are available throughout the semester to work with students on any writing assignment for any class. Through curriculum-wide emphasis on writing, extra-curricular activities, and widely available support, Endicott prepares students to write well in their careers and beyond.

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