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Sport Science and Fitness Studies Minors

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Exercise Science Minor

Program Requirements

Students are required to take a minimum of 18 credits as follows:

Required Courses


AT 215 - Exercise Physiology (Cr: 3)
BIO 101 - Human Biology (Cr: 3)
or BIO 201/201L - Anatomy and Physiology I and Lab (Cr: 4)
EX 305 - Exercise Assessment and Prescription (Cr: 3)
PE 234 - Strength and Conditioning (Cr: 3)
PE 375 - Exercise for Special Populations (Cr: 3)

Additional Courses

 Students select one from the following courses:

DAN 235 - Mind and Body Awareness (Cr: 3)
EX 311 - Exercise Program Design (Cr: 3)
PE 110 - First Aid and Safety (Cr: 3)
PE 210 - Nutrition (Cr: 3)
PE 312 - Applied Kinesiology (Cr: 3)
PE 321 - Adapted Physical Education I (Cr: 3)
PE 371 - Fitness Across the Lifespan (Cr: 3)
SM 306 - Psychology of Sport (Cr: 3)
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