Sport Management - Jeff Marcel '14

Sport Management (B.S.)

The Sport Management program at Endicott College provides our students with combined theoretical and practical experiences that allow individuals the opportunity to foster an understanding of and appreciation for the sport industry.

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We will provide each student an academically rigorous experience within a student-centered learning environment that promotes professionalism, collegiality, and scholarship.

The Sport Management program was one of the first in New England to meet the curriculum standard set forth by the Sport Management Program Review Council (SMPRC) and endorsed by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) and the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM). In the fall of 2012, the Program was awarded Candidacy Status by the Commission of Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA). 

Sport Management Program Goals

  • Provide students with a knowledge base and competencies related to critical thinking, decision making, research, and oral and written communication

  • Prepare students for leadership roles within the campus, workplace, and society

  • Promote deeper understanding and appreciation for the sport industry and its professional/career opportunities
  • Sport Management courses provide students with the skills in the following areas:

    • Marketing & Sales
    • Correspondence
    • Public Speaking
    • Management (Community Relations), and
    • Record Keeping

Curriculum Requirements - Total Credits Required: 125-126


Freshman - Credits: 32

  • Quantitative Reasoning General Education Requirement (Cr: 3)
  • General Education Electives  (Cr: 6)
  • Elective  (Cr: 3)
ACC 175 - Financial Accounting (Cr: 3)
ENG 101 - College Writing Seminar (Cr: 3)
Satisfies Writing Designated Requirement INT 100 - Internship I (Cr: 2)
LST 100 - Seminar in Academic Inquiry (Cr: 3)
PSY 100 - General Psychology (Cr: 3)
SM 101 - Principles of Sport Management (Cr: 3)
SM 102 - Applied Sport Management (Cr: 3)

Sophomore - Credits: 32-33

  • General Education Electives  (Cr: 6)
  • Science and Technology General Education Requirement  (Cr: 3–4)
ECN 201 - Macroeconomics (Cr: 3)
ECN 202 - Microeconomics (Cr: 3)
ENG 103 - Speech (Cr: 3)
INT 200 - Internship II (Cr: 2)
SM 203 - Sport Promotion and Marketing (Cr: 3)
SM 215 - Organization and Administration of Sport (Cr: 3)
SM 218 - Philosophy and Sport (Cr: 3)
Satisfies Writing Designated Requirement SM 225 - Sport and the Media (Cr: 3)

Junior - Credits: 31

  • Individual and Society General Education Requirement  (Cr: 3)
  • Literary Perspectives General Education Requirement   (Cr: 3)
  • Values and Ethical Reasoning General Education Requirement  (Cr: 3)
  • World Cultures General Education Requirement  (Cr: 3)
  • Elective (Cr: 3)
SM 302 - Research Methods and Evaluation Techniques (Cr: 3)
SM 303 - Sport in Society (Cr: 3)
SM 335 - Managerial Aspects of Leadership in Sport Organizations (Cr: 3)
SM 350 - The Sport Enterprise (Cr: 3)
Satisfies Writing Designated Requirement SM 365 - Sport Governance and Policy (Cr: 3)
SM 379 - Semester Internship Strategies (Cr: 1)

Senior - Credits: 30

  • Aesthetic Awareness and Creative Expression General Education Requirement  (Cr: 3)
  • Global Issues General Education Requirement  (Cr: 3)
SM 405 - Sports Law (Cr: 3)
SM 480 - Semester Internship (Cr: 12)
SM 489 - Senior Thesis I (Cr: 3)
SM 450 - Sport Venue and Event Management (Cr: 3)
SM 490 - Senior Thesis II (Cr: 3)


Previous Internship Sites

New England Patriots/Kraft Group
Professional Golfer's Association
Worcester Ice Cats - AHL Franchise
Basketball Hall of Fame
Boston Sports & Social Clubs
Salem Country Club
United States Olympics
Massachusetts Special Olympics
Boston University
Brown University - Athletic Administration
Boston Bruins
University of New Hampshire
Albany River Rats
Lowell Lock Munster
University of New Hampshire
San Antonio Spurs
Boston Celtics


Sport Management major are required to complete three (3) internships to prepare for careers in areas such as:

Intercollegiate Athletics Amateur Sports
Professional Sport Management
Health/Fitness Club Management
Recreation Sport Management
Sport Marketing
Sport Program Development
Sporting Goods/Retail

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a familiarity with concepts and components necessary to create a sporting event.
  2. Communicate sport management concepts with a theortical perspective.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of sport management resume competencies.
  4. Communicate effectively in a written form within the conventions of the discipline of Sport management.
  5. Demonstrate the critical inquiry and analysis skills needed to engage constructively in intellectual discourse within the discipline of Sport Management.
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