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Physical Education Teacher Licensure (B.S.)

The College currently offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education Teacher Licensure. The teacher licensure program prepares students for careers as Physical Education Teachers, Recreational Sport Organizers and Health and Fitness Club Professionals. The program curriculum meets the standards required by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Upon completion of the program students can apply to receive a license to teach physical education at two levels: Pre-K through grade 8 and Grades 5 through 12.

Acceptance into the Physical Education Teacher Licensure Program

Requirements for admission include the regular admission requirements as outlined in the Academic Catalog, and a combined score of at least 1050 on the Critical Reading and Math portions of the SAT. Those not accepted into the program upon admission to Endicott may change into the program when they:Pass the Communication and Literacy MTEL exam,maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5, and achieve a minimum of least a C+ in all major courses.

Massachusetts Tests of Educator Licensure

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education mandates that all students pass the Massachusetts Tests of Educator Licensure (MTEL) as part of the licensing process. Endicott supports this requirement by incorporating the relevant MTEL tests into the licensure programs. Students are required to pass the MTEL Communication and Literacy Examination to be eligible to register for the junior year of coursework and to pass the MTEL Physical Education Examination to be eligible to register for the teaching practicum.

By incorporating the required exams into the program, upon graduation Endicott students have completed all of the necessary license requirements for the state of Massachusetts. License applications are completed and filed by the student at the end of the senior year.

Those wishing to be licensed to teach in other states must still take and pass the MTEL exams as part of the program requirements. However, the department will also work closely with individuals seeking licensure in states other than Massachusetts, helping to define the requirements and procedure for receiving that license.

Test Preparation Workshops

Endicott offers intensive workshops and tutoring throughout the year to help prepare students to pass the MTEL exams. Test preparation workshops are free of charge and focus on the specific skills and subjects covered on the licensure exams. Workshops are required of students enrolled in the licensure programs.

Curriculum Requirements - Total Credits Required: 127

Freshman - Credits: 34

  • Global Issues General Education Requirement   (Cr: 3)
  • Quantitative Reasoning General Education Requirement    (Cr: 3)
  • Values and Ethical Reasoning General Education Requirement    (Cr: 3)
BIO 201/201L - Anatomy and Physiology I and Lab (Cr: 4)
BIO 202/202L - Anatomy and Physiology II and Lab (Cr: 4)
ED 010 - Communication/Literacy Lab (Cr: 0)
ENG 101 - College Writing Seminar (Cr: 3)
Satisfies Writing Designated Requirement
INT 100 - Internship I (Cr: 2)
LST 100 - Seminar in Academic Inquiry (Cr: 3)
PE 101 - Foundations of Movement (Cr: 3)
PE 110 - First Aid and Safety (Cr: 3)
PSY 200 - Child and Adolescent Psychology (Cr: 3)

Sophomore - Credits: 32

  • Aesthetic Awareness and Creative Expression General Education Requirement  (Cr: 3)
  • Literary Perspectives General Education Requirement  (Cr: 3)
  • World Cultures General Education Requirement  (Cr: 3)
AT 215 - Exercise Physiology (Cr: 3)
Satisfies Writing Designated Requirement
INT 200 - Internship II (Cr: 2)
PE 205 - Strategies in Physical Education (Cr: 3)
PE 208 - Personal and Community Health (Cr: 3)
PE 210 - Nutrition (Cr: 3)
PE 220 - Motor Development (Cr: 3)
PE 225 - Motor Learning (Cr: 3)
PE 312 - Applied Kinesiology (Cr: 3)

Junior - Credits: 31

  • General Education Elective  (Cr: 3)
ED 030 - Subject Matter Lab (Cr: 0)
ED 321 - Junior Transitions (Cr: 1)
ED 330 - Sheltered English Immersion Teacher’s Endorsement Course (Cr: 3)
PE 303 - Evaluation and Assessment in Physical Education (Cr: 3)
Satisfies Writing Designated Requirement
PE 306 - Skill Analysis and Development (Cr: 3)
PE 310 - Elementary Physical Education Methods (Cr: 3)
PE 315 - Secondary Physical Education Methods (Cr: 3)
PE 321 - Adapted Physical Education I (Cr: 3)
PE 322 - Adapted Physical Education II (Cr: 3)
PE 371 - Fitness Across the Lifespan (Cr: 3)
PED 302 - Research Methods and Evaluation Techniques (Cr: 3)

Senior - Credits: 30

  • General Education Electives  (Cr: 9)
PE 489 - Senior Thesis I (Cr: 3)
PE 490 - Senior Thesis II (Cr: 3)
PED 400 - Physical Education Practicum (Cr: 12)
SM 306 - Psychology of Sport (Cr: 3)

Internship and Practicum Sites

Students work closely with the Coordinator of Field Placement to choose internship and practicum experiences at a variety of levels and school systems. Past internship and practicum sites include:

Bell Elementary School, Marblehead, MA
Mahopac High School, Mahopac, NY
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr School and Amigos School, Cambridge, MA
Barrows School, Reading, MA
North Andover High School, North Andover, MA
Riverside School, Danvers, MA
Marblehead High School, Marblehead, MA
Woodbury Middle School, Woodbury, CT


Physical Education Teachers
Recreational Sport Organizers
Health and Fitness Club Professionals

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Physical Education Teacher Licensure program, graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate pre-service competency on subject matter knowledge in physical education.
  2. Communicate effectively in written form within the conventions of the physical education discipline.
  3. Demonstrate the critical inquiry and analysis skills needed to engage constructively in intellectual discourse within the discipline of physical education.
  4. Devise lesson plans incorporating diverse populations.
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