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Study Abroad Programs

Last year, over 200,000 American students made the decision to study abroad, evidencing that international education is increasingly recognized as an essential part of preparing for a successful career in a globally-interdependent world.  There are a variety of options for Endicott students who wish to take part in an enriching, and often "life-changing" international experience.  Please explore the links below for information for both students and parents.

Semester / Year-long Study Abroad Programs

The opportunity to spend a semester or year living and studying in another culture can be a life-changing experience. Along with choosing a location, consider the best learning and living environment for you. Choose a program that allows you to take classes in your major or one where you fulfill electives by exploring subjects unavailable at Endicott. Select a site where you attend lectures or one where you pursue your own field research with the support of an on-site expert. Participate in a program where you live with a family or one where you live with other students in residence halls or apartments. Seek out a program that allows you to take classes in English while studying the local language or one that challenges your language skills with total immersion.

When considering the many opportunities available to you listed by continent below, talk with a study abroad advisor in Office of International Education, as well as with your academic advisor.  For information on how to apply to a study abroad program, click on the Applications Procedures link to the left of this page.

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