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Internship 100/200

During the month of January, the Office of International Education provides a variety of opportunities for students to fulfill their Internship 100 or 200 in another country. Students may do an individual internship directly related to their major or participate in a group service project while gaining valuable exposure to another culture and way of life.

Semester-long Internships Abroad

All students considering an internship abroad should first contact their Internship Coordinator and fill out a Distance Internship application. Distance Internships must be approved by the Internship Office and the appropriate Academic Dean. 

The Office of International Education can refer students to international internship organizations who assist students with visas as well as placement and housing in some cases. The Office of International Education staff will also provide a pre-departure orientation for all students preparing to study or intern abroad, including information on cultural adaptation, health and safety.

Semester long internship should follow the same deadlines the semester study abroad applicants. Please contact Lindsey Hery, Director of Study Abroad Programs, as soon as possible so that all arrangements can be secured.
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