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Health Insurance Abroad

Endicott College provides excellent health insurance and emergency evacuation and repatriation coverage. 
Please see the following for more information:

Latest Flu Information and Updates

HTH International Insurance Homepage

HTH Reimbursement Form

Safety Abroad

Information Concerning Safety Abroad for Study Abroad Students and Their Parents

Recent world events and the resulting responses to them underscore a critical need to build cross-cultural understanding.  Endicott College remains committed to the ideals of international education as one important means toward this end.

Students and parents are, nonetheless, reminded that Endicott College cannot guarantee students' safety at home or abroad and that the decision to participate in overseas programs is voluntary.

See below for recommended safety measures for study abroad students and parents.

Endicott remains in communication with U.S. government embassies abroad and closely monitors U.S. State Department reports and local news.  In addition, all Endicott programs are offered in conjunction with an extensive network of local contacts who maintain communication with local authorities. Itineraries are always subject to change and programs are subject to cancellation should circumstances warrant it.

All students who are abroad are urged to practice all safety procedures recommended by the program directors, local authorities, and the U.S. Department of State:

All Endicott students abroad are also provided with  comprehensive global assistance coverage by HTH International Travel Insurance.  In addition to on-line access to travel health and safety information, HTH International Travel Insurance provides 24-hour medical, security, and personal assistance by telephone.  

Recommended Safety Measures

Although Endicott College and its study abroad partners work to minimize risks to study abroad students and to keep students informed of developments in their program locations, much of the safety and security of our students abroad - and in the U.S. - depends ultimately on their own behavior and personal choices. It is the responsibility of students themselves to be a part of the safety process, to keep themselves informed about local conditions, and to act with reason and prudence.

  • We encourage students and parents to review the U.S. Department of State's advice to students abroad at:
  • Students and parents wishing to be kept abreast of U.S. Department of State Advisories can sign up for automatic notification at:
  • While abroad, and especially during times of international crisis, students are urged to continue to go to class, do their homework, get sufficient rest, eat, drink plenty of fluids, avoid alcohol, get regular exercise, and stay in regular contact with the program staff.
  • Students are urged to maintain regular communication with family members throughout their stays abroad. In addition, if students become aware that a potentially newsworthy tragedy (natural disaster, act of terrorism, etc.) has occurred near where they are or near where anyone may think they are, they should immediately contact their program staff, their family, and The Office of International Education to report on their location and well-being.
  • Students should avoid crowds, avoid moving in large groups of Americans, and avoid known American hangouts.
  • Students are encouraged to not travel outside the region in which their programs are located and, if they are away overnight, to leave their itineraries with their host families and/or the program staff.
  • Parents are encouraged to keep their passports valid during the duration of their sons' and daughters' time abroad. Information on U.S. passport applications and renewals is available at
  • Parents wishing to receive via email copies of communication that the Office of International Education sends to their sons and daughters abroad, should send an email to
  • In case of an emergency, students and parents are encouraged to monitor Endicott's emergency website and/or the College's Emergency Information Line at (978) 232-2229.
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