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Costs of Studying Abroad

For all programs, you will submit the program application fee payable to the sponsoring institution to the School of International Education with your application materials. When you are accepted into a study abroad program, we will provide you with a financial worksheet outlining the costs of your semester abroad. Endicott College will pay the program fees to the sponsoring institution and you will pay Endicott.

Your Endicott bill will include the following:

Tuition: Endicott's tuition unless the tuition of the study abroad program is higher.

Housing: On most programs, you will be charged an International Housing Fee, and an International Board Fee (full, half or none). On Exchange Programs,  you wil be charged the room and board of the host institution.

Fees: Some programs have additional activity, insurance, and course fees. Special insurance coverage is often a requirement of the federal government in the country where you will study and cannot be waived even though you carry coverage from home.

Study Abroad Fee: Along with tuition costs, this $300 fee includes maintenance of your status as a full time student at Endicott, transfer of your credits and grades toward your degree requirements at Endicott, application of your institutional and federal financial aid to your study abroad costs, assistance of the International Office before, during and after your semester abroad, and coverage by International HTH Worldwide Health Insurance, if your Provider does not already supply this.

Financial Aid: Your financial aid will be deducted from the total cost and you will be billed for the remainder. All Institutional, State and Federal aid will be applied, except work study.

Every program supplies a list of estimated additional expenses for the semester such as airfare, visa costs, local travel, personal expenses, etc. to help you budget your entire stay.

If you have any questions about program fees and costs, please call (978)-232-2271. If you have questions about financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office directly at (978) 232-2070.

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